Viigo launches at WPC

viigo-home Viigo’s Project Tango launched this week at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston. Viigo is based in Toronto and headed by Mark Ruddock, formerly EIR at Ventures West and founder of INEA Corporation. The Viigo team has included great folks like Alex de Bold who also founded

Viigo is a great user experience for accessing content on your mobile. Project Tango allows access to the News & RSS services that Windows Mobile and Blackberry users already had, but now includes a podcast browser and media player, and news has been rounded out to include weather, sports, and finance information. It is a great looking application, the user experience reminds me a lot of my iPhone. It uses animations to help users understand where they are in the application flow.

It’s a great application, the user experience is one of the best I’ve had on Windows Mobile. The Viigo team is building a cool platform that allows them to add new services that can be enabled and deployed for clients. Hopefully, announcements and partnerships with companies like Microsoft and Blackberry will help them raise additional rounds of funding, now that it looks like Ventures West is having some difficulty raising another fund.

Install Project Tango at