Unspace Interactive – XHTML/CSS Ninja

Toronto, ON

Position Filled

Unspace Interactive, the A-list brilliant-slash-eccentric Ruby on Rails development studio, is looking for a talented web interface designer to join their small team full time. They are based at the heart of the Queen/Spadina tech grotto in sunny downtown Toronto, Ontario.

Compensation is $90 hourly (on a contract, time and materials basis) for the XHTML+CSS ninja of legend. She must understand the entire creative pipeline: brainstorming, mock-ups, cross-browser standards-driven templates, and iterative development with back-end and Ajax developers. He has to be an excellent communicator, or it’s just not going to work out. Mac OS X and Rails/Haml experience is a bonus but not required.

Please note that Unspace hires primarily based on personality — Jakob Nielsen is already fired. Are you the 1962 World’s Fair love child of Ed Tufte and Björk? Come over right now. Please leave your rounded, pastel, reflective drop shadows at home.

Send portfolio links to and clever jokes to:(sorry, email address removed. position filled) before 5pm, January 30th 2008.