Links for 2008-07-31


  • PDC – $200 Early Registration Discounts ends Aug 15, 2008
    I’m intrigued with PDC. Microsoft will be presenting the future of the platform. There will be an OpenSpace. Sessions on F#, cloud services, building block services, Silverlight for Mobile, IE8 render engine, Live Platform including building Mesh Applications, RIAs in Silverlight,  Project “Astoria”, SSDS, Windows 7, and more. It’s very developer focused. But it will be interesting to hear the direction being set by Ray Ozzie and Rick Rashid.
  • 10 Amazing Visualizations of Social Networks
    SocialMediaTrader lists 10 stunning visualizations of social networks. The goal of each of the visualizations is to give users a better understanding of how social networks work. Fidgt allows you to build and visualize relationships amongst your network (seen above). These visualizations are just incredible ways to view the complex, changing relationships between data in social networks.
  • How to partner with Microsoft
    Don Dodge has a summary about how startups can begin to partner with Microsoft. The program is focused around marketing help, building a sales channel, getting software and support, and engaging you champions. The first step is to sign up as a partner.
  • Nokia To Invest $150 in Venture Arm
    Nokia Growth Partners has seen it’s fund grow by 75% (originally $200M, now $350M). It is probably not coincidence that $150M is exactly the size of the Blackberry Fund managed by JLA Ventures and RBC Venture Partners.