nForm – Business Analyst

Full Time Permanent Position in Edmonton, AB As a business analyst, your primary responsibility will be research and discovery that drives business, customer, and technical insight. You will work closely with clients, their customers, and others using interviews, workshops, and other methods to develop understanding of both the big picture and the details. You will […]

nForm – IA/Interaction Designer

Full Time Permanent Position in Edmonton, AB As an nForm consultant, your primary responsibility will be translating business and customer insight into concrete plans and prototypes, such as conceptual models, interaction flows, wireframes, and functional specs. You will work with clients, their users, and nForm colleagues to understand, define, and solve problems to create business […]

Enterprise 2.0 – Midori + Sharepoint

My good friends Gene, Jess and team at nForm have finally demonstrated their awesome new project management applicaiton Midori. Midori is built on top of Sharepoint. And uses a completely custom layout engine. Part of Midori is an engine that gives us complete control over SharePoint’s interface and interactions. We’re still refining the interface, but […]