Happiness as Your Business Model

Patrick points to a presentation by Tara Hunt. I can’t wait for Tara’s new book. This is a fun evolution in thinking about people, communities, and building a better place.

There is the opportunity to make $$ making people happy – Tara Hunt

The Universals of Happiness

  • autonomy
  • competence
  • relatedness
  • self-esteem

The Powers Working Against Happiness

  • fear
  • confusion
  • loneliness
  • lack of control
  • struggle for survival

This is a presentation that should be a must read for entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and marketers. What are you doing to help your customers achieve autonomy? competence? relatedness? self-esteem? Or are you working to promote the powers working against happiness. Tara does a great job evaluating:

  • Zipcar
  • Southwest
  • Skype
  • Zappos
  • Twitter
  • WordPress

These are all great examples working to grow happiness. Thanks Tara!