The problem with Microsoft…

Some rights reserved by Nick, Programmerman Gary Rivlin at Fortune Magazine has some recent articles about Steve Ballmer and Microsoft senior management (The problem with Microsoft… & Why insiders think top management has lost its way). The articles make great fodder given the rise of Apple to be larger than Microsoft in both market capitalization and […]

Goodbye Microsoft, so long and thanks for all the bits

Can you believe that it has been 1230 days since I announced I was joining Microsoft? I’m guessing a lot of people lost out on that one in the over/under pool. Well, it has been a fantastic 3 years, 4 months and 7 days so far, unfortunately there are only 4 days left until it’s […]

Canadians, Canadians, Canadians

Steve Ballmer is coming to Toronto. He’s speaking at the Can>Win initiative presented by The Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The event is focused on helping to “define strategies to secure Canada’s global advantage”. The effort is publishing 16 one pagers from thought leaders (there 8 published as of Oct 15, 2009) in a dialogue on […]

Getting ready for PDC

I’m starting to get ready for another trip to Los Angeles for Microsoft PDC. PDC08 was a great trip, however, it ended really poorly for me. I arrived home from LA and spent 5 days in Toronto General Hospital after complaining all week about chest pain. It turns out that after a heart attack, they […]

“Make Web, Not War” aka Can’t We Just Get Along?

Joey provides the details the upcoming ‘Make Web, Not War” event in Toronto and Vancouver. Make Web, Not War is happening today in Vancouver (June 2, 2009) and next week in Toronto on June 10, 2009. (Let’s not start about disaster that is the web presence, frames, Flashturbation, no deep linking, etc.). Microsoft released the […]

Knowledgeworx – Junior Developer – Microsoft/.NET

Toronto, ON Hi – I’m Brent Ashley, independent DemoCamp sponsor and Ajax Pub Nite host.  I am a Senior Developer and one of the founding partners at Knowledgeworx. Knowledgeworx ( is a leading provider of wireless infrastructure services, technology asset management and networked device monitoring to the retail sector.  Our products and services are built […]

Independent’s Day

Microsoft is hosting an free evening event at Fed Hall at UWaterloo talking about gaming, XBox Live Community Games, and entrepreneurship. The event is looking is scheduled to have a series of short presentations about how to build a gaming studio. It will feature folks from Microsoft, Frozen North, Infusion Development, and KPMG. Microsoft has […]

Software, support & visibility

It’s funny, I’ve asked about startups building on .NET in the past. And with the development of programs like BizSpark the continued support of events like StartupCampMontreal and Founders & Funders, and yesterday’s funding announcement at Xobni, there a number of new opportunities for startups to get access to free software and exposure. “Microsoft Blue […]

Give customers choice

Mark Relph has been talking about Choice and Flexibility (part 2) for customers. Today with the announcement of Windows Azure you can start to see how Microsoft is trying to offer the rich user experience choices and the choice of infrastructure, on premises or in the cloud, for developers, IT Pros and ultimately consumers. What […]

PDC kicks off tomorrow

Getting ready to head to LA for Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (which begs the question as a non-professional developer what am I doing at PDC?). I’m preparing for a week of some in depth Microsoft experiences and announcements. Next to the coffee or the bourbon, the keynotes are the best part of a conference. I’m […]