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Even as the Hearst Corporation puts the Seattle PI up on the auction block, I still have a love of paper. I have a fascination with books and I love the gloss pages, typography and photography of magazines. I’ve subscribed to WIRED Magazine since part way through the first year (hard to believe that I’ve been reading it for 17 years). Business 2.0 shut down in October 2007, and my subscription was replace with a subscription to Fortune. Great magazines, but I think it’s time to add to my list of monthly reading.

While WIRED seems to have stepped up the game again, I’ve enjoyed the past 3 issues cover to cover. When I asked on Twitter for recommendations, responses were limited to a group of 4 magazines. (I wonder if we really have become a monoculture of homogenous business thinkers).


The responses:

I’ve never seen or read Monocle. It’s expensive. It covers business, culture and design. Something new. And it comes highly recommended. I’ve purchased and read HBR, Fast Company and The Economist in the past. They are all great reads, but I need something that is less business fluff and less business textbook. Looks like I’ll have to find Monocle on the newsstand in Toronto.

The only magazine not listed was Business Week. Could be there were no champions. Also could be it was listed in my initial tweet. But with friends like David Armano being published, it definitely deserves some of my attention.

What magazines are you reading related to design? technology? business? innovation? behaviour? science?