Zerofootprint – API Developer

Toronto, ON

Update: This position has been filled.

Zerofootprint is looking for an experienced developer who is environmentally focused for a key position in our exciting start-up. We are looking for someone with the skills necessary to connect our SOA-based carbon management software to external systems by improving our API to connect with third parties. You will be collaborating with our internal development team as well as external clients to improve the external interface to our carbon engine. You must have experience designing and implementing a web service that was used in a production environment.


  • help to design and implement APIs for external use by customers and partners
  • write and maintain unit and integration tests for all work
  • write documentation for all work, both for internal (team) and external (client) use
  • test against third party connector solution


  • 3+ years of Java experience
  • B.Sc in Computer Science
  • experience designing and implementing web services, specifically using SOAP and REST
  • experience with writing/parsing XML, XPath
  • experience with SQL databases, preferably MySQL and/or PostgreSQL
  • comfortable on the Unix/Linux command line (e.g. Bash) and in Mac OS X
  • exposure to Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, Apache
  • good team and interpersonal skills
  • excellent spoken and written English


  • SOA experience, ideally using Mule and JMS
  • experience with concurrency and multi-threading
  • web application experience
  • knowledge of the science of climate change and the impact of carbon consumption on our planet

About Zerofootprint Software Inc.

Zerofootprint provides essential technologies and services to the growing carbon management market. It operates in three complimentary, for-profit arenas-Offsetting, Consulting, and Software as a Service (or Software as a Platform). It also has a strong presence in the not-for-profit market through, among others, its building skinning and city carbon calculator projects.

Zerofootprint’s solution “circle” provides end-to-end services to enterprises, organization, governments, and individuals. The company’s full suite of tools measure, manage, report, and offset carbon production. Enterprises engaging the VELO solution participate in a Continuous Improvement Process that will reduce carbon emissions.


This position has been filled.

Rypple – Software Engineer/Developer

Toronto, ON


Rypple is a web-service that gets people fast, honest feedback. We’re a well funded, Toronto-based start-up with an experienced team, a growing community of users and partners, great buzz, and superb investors. We’re moving fast, building neat stuff, and we’re just getting started. We’re looking for few more awesome engineers to join our team.

Our engineering team is passionate, collaborative, smart, and gets things done. We’ve got skills in enterprise and web-app development, usability, gaming, social media, and mobile. Our work environment is creative and laid-back, but very focused on the fast-paced delivery of user value. We care about outcomes, not "formal process" or "our way". We’re flexible – with tools, technology, and our approach. We don’t like waste and we like to iterate.

If you have a proven track record of building successful software (e.g. people love what you create), then we want to talk to you. If you don’t think its crazy to build both scalable, high-quality applications and release early and often – then you’ll like it here.

At Rypple, you’ll:

  • Join our dev team to design and build our online apps and the infrastructure we run our business on.
  • Regularly deal with users, customers, and our industry partners. You’ll be expected to come up with new ideas to create value and then implement and improve on those ideas
  • Be a generalist with technology but a specialist with building world class applications.
  • Be highly adaptable to technical challenges and thrive in an adaptive environment.
  • Be disciplined and get stuff done.

You’ve gotta have:

  • CS or Engineering degree
  • 3+ OOP and Java
  • 2+ years building online app w/ both front-end and back-end web development (Apache, MySQL, HTML, CSS, XML, Linux)
  • Communication skills (as in, you like to talk to customers and co-workers in plain English – you will be expected to get on the phone with users!)
  • Demonstrated attention to the tiniest of details
    We’d love to see experience with:
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Large web application system architecture
  • Social web application design-
  • Web API’s (REST, Facebook, Twitter, OpenSocial)
  • J2EE and Hibernate
  • Deploying and maintaining web server technology
  • Lean and “Agile” dev approaches

Extra Special Points:

  • "Nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills…"
  • Teleportation, transmogrification, and/or telepathy
  • Sweat the fine print: Include a definition of Kobayashi Maru and you’re guaranteed to have your application reviewed.

How to Apply

Send your resume to us at

ecobee – Int/Snr Java Developer & Server Administrator

Toronto, ON

Originally from

This development and operations role will work with both the VP of Development and the Software Architect.

As an intermediate/senior Java developer, your primary job requirement will be design and development of core server software, with emphasis on the data to object mapping layer, and back end design. Ecobee relies on test driven development, and so ongoing maintenance of unit tests and system wide tests is also an integral aspect to the job. The successful applicant will have demonstrated a deep understanding of multi-threaded server architecture, especially how this relates to performance and scalability, and is able to work independently and with little supervision. You will maintain and improve the existing system test scripts, and in particular, the overall system performance test suite.

The secondary job requirement is maintenance and monitoring of our live production servers; in this capacity, you will be working closely with development to ensure server stability, throughput and reliability. This will include design, development and installation of a redundant server and database architecture, consisting of server and database software development and networking equipment installation and configuration.

In addition, you will also be assisting our technical support group, fielding issues related to the production environment. In this capacity, you will be responsible for analyzing database throughput, advising on performance, scalability and robustness.

Essential Functions

  • Design and development of new features in the application, based on requirements gathered from product management.
  • Investigate and implement recommendations on system changes and operational procedures to increase efficiency or facilitate performance improvements.
  • Advise and work closely with development to optimize and improve overall back end performance.
  • The job applicant will have experience with large scale enterprise production on the Linux environment (Redhat).
  • Knowledge of monitoring software (eg. Hyperic, Nagios), including alerts, escalation policy, etc.
  • Maintain the health and operations of the servers, including maintenance of shell scripts, applying OS patches, etc.
  • Monitoring performance and managing parameters to provide fast query responses to both the user interface, and back end report servers.
  • Continually review and verify and document backup policy, retention and integrity.
  • Participate in design decisions and help create and implement the company’s core high-volume systems and network infrastructure.
  • You will work with QA and tech support to field server related issues.
  • Developing, managing and testing backup and recovery plans, and capacity planning.
  • Communicating regularly with technical, applications and operational staff to ensure database integrity and security.
  • Commissioning and installing new versions of the application, both on the pre-production and production servers.
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP networking, including network equipment, such as load balancers and routers, and configuration of networking services on Linux based servers


Must have experience with:

  • Excellent working knowledge of Java.
  • Extensive knowledge of relational database (MySQL) administration and management, including real world working knowledge of clustering, failover, fault tolerance, etc.
  • Windows, Linux (Redhat)
  • SQL (MySQL).
  • Unix shell scripting, and Windows batch scripting.
  • Experience with maintenance and monitoring of production servers.
  • Networking experience (HTTP, DNS, etc).

Bonus experience

  • Experience with monitoring software such as Hyperic or Nagios

Submit resumes to

iLoveRewards – Java Ninja

Toronto, ON

I Love Rewards, one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers and fastest growing companies, is seeking Senior Java Developers.

We want great Java Ninja’s to join our rapidly-expanding development team. You want to work on hard problems and be recognized and rewarded when you go above and beyond (which is often!). You want to work for a small company big on attitude and character, and you’re motivated by making an impact. Most importantly, you want to be in a place that’s full of people like you- A players who are fiercely intelligent, share a passion for their work, and know how to have fun!

As a Senior Java Developer, you will:

  • Write code from scratch that builds major features and squashes convoluted bugs for the I Love Rewards Express web platform
  • Optimize and refactor our services using Amazon’s EC2,S3, and EBS cloud based architectures
  • Work with passionate and talented individuals in a startup atmosphere, producing customer facing functionality in short iterations in an Agile environment
  • Worry about non-functional requirements that most users take for granted (security, usability, flexibility, in-code documentation, etc.)
  • Mentor other developers
  • Work in an environment where your manager understands you (he/she was a developer too), cares about your continual improvement, and also gives you interesting work

As a Senior Java Developer, you:

  • Are a Java master with 7-10 years experience in OOP, web based architectures and still love to code
  • Have implemented and maintained scalable, redundant and fault tolerant systems for the web with loads over 100k concurrent users
  • Love Agile development and delivery, write test cases first and are an evangelist for software quality
  • Have occasional dreams of the Java Virtual Machine, OOP and AOP
  • Are a master in all things Spring, Hibernate, JSP, Servlets, XML, & Javascript
  • Are a practitioner with Eclipse, MySQL, Tomcat, Apache, Linux and Amazon AWS
  • Are a firm believer that free, open source software can rival the performance of expensive application and database servers when you do it right
  • Know that enterprise design patterns have nothing to do with fabric
  • Went to school for computer science/engineering or wrote kick-ass software anyway
  • Are a pointaholic (you get really excited by getting cool stuff for free with your points)

I Love Rewards is one of North America’s leading web-based rewards & recognition providers. We proudly hold many acclaims (Canada’s Top 100 Employers, GTA’s Top 50 Employers two years in a row), we offer an outstanding corporate culture, competitive benefits, a generous vacation policy, an Employee Stock Options Plan, a location in trendy Liberty Village, and lots more.

This is your chance to be a part of an awesome team of people and contribute to an environment where innovation and initiative are encouraged and rewarded. If you love a challenge, share our "work hard/play hard" mentality, thrive on change, and continuously strive for excellence, apply for a position with us today.

Nine to fivers need not apply.

Only qualified candidates will be contacted directly. No analog phone calls please, we’re digital 🙂

Apply at

We are looking for 10 great people to join our team in all areas (sales, IT, finance, accounting, customer support, etc.).  All jobs are posted at!