NYC vs SF – Startup Costs

The team at has provided a fun infographic about the operating costs for a startup in New York versus San Francisco.

Toronto for Comparison

  • Coporate Income Tax Rate – Small Business 15.5%
    • Canada – 11%
    • Ontario – 4.5%
  • Salaries for Employees
    • Software Engineer – $75,000
    • Executive Assistant – $35,000
    • Graphic Designer – $50,000
    • Project Manager – $75,000
    • Web Developer – $55,000
  • Personal Income Tax – 31.15% (assumes range from $40k-$81k)
    • Federal – 22%
    • Ontario – 9.15%
  • Cost of Office Space – $1.67/square foot/month ($2o/square foot/year) (using general listing for A grade space from OfficeZilla)
  • Cost of Utilities/Taxes/etc – $12/square foot/year ($1/square foot/month)
All in all we’re not too bad.

Startup Costs - NYC vs SF

B2B Marketing Guide by KISSMetrics

The team at KISSmetrics has provided a B2B Marketing Guide infographic. Some of the facts I found interesting:

  • 85% of B2B marketers invested in event marketing in 2010
    • 28% of this group plan to increase their event marketing investments in 2011
  • 69% of B2B marketers intend to try new digital marketing approaches in 2011
Lots of great stuff. Make sure you also check out A Startup Marketing Framework by April Dunford and 10 Marketing Lessons for Early-Stage Tech Startups by Mark Suster. Great contexts to better understand B2B Marketing.

B2B Marketing Guide by KISSMetrics

Impact of Social Media on the Sales Funnel

The team at GetSatisfaction have put together a great overview on the impact of social media on the sales funnel. It’s an interesting evolution  in my understanding of the buying process:

Awareness » Interest » Trial » Evaluation » Decision Attention » Interest » Desire » Action

The simplification of “Decision” to “Action” makes perfect sense. I’m guessing that the goal of the “Evaluation” phase is to drive “Desire”. It’s different than my experience with the Diffusion of Innovation and the 5 step process presented by Everett Rogers. I need to spend some additional time thinking about how this impacts the customer focused sales funnel described by David Skok (@bostonVC).

The rise of social media and the lowered social capital expenditure and effort it has evolved to:

Attention » Interest » Desire » Action » Advocacy

The goal is to build happy customers that want to spread the company’s message (whether you call them brand ambassadors or citizen marketers or just advocates). Great job by the GetSatisfaction team on helping to evolve the understanding of the social involvement in Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Infographic from GetSatisfaction: Social Media's Impact on the Sales Funnel