CUTC – where the future goes!

cutc2009 CUTC abbr. Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference. [que-te-see]

  1. Happening in Toronto on March 12-13, 2009 at the Toronto Hilton.
  2. CUTC is the biggest and most defining platform for students to meet and learn from experienced industry and academic professionals.

I haven’t been to a CUTC yet. Unfortunately, I won’t get to go this year. It’s happening the same time as SxSWi and I’ll be back in Austin. Looks like a great event for Canadian undergraduate students (sponsored by Rypple and Infusion Development). The conference schedule includes:

  • TechPanels – open panel discussions between 2-4 industry representatives on cloud computing, mobile communications and next-generation consoles.
  • TechShops – Interactive workshops with hands-on tinkering. Play with Eclipse, Maya and other tools.
  • TechTours – Go see where the magic happens. Picture desks and monitors 😉 I actually love lab and studio tours. Seeing others workspace is inspiring and can help you determine if you want to work there.
  • TechTeam – Divide into groups with students and industry pros to build upon an idea and present a feasible solution. Awesome, you get to see how people at different companies think about rapid problem solving.
  • TechShow – I think this is presentations, entertainment and inspiration. It’s a show. It’s designed to facilitate conversation.
  • TechExpo – think tradeshow. You get to see what’s going on in the industry. Push it. Poke it. Prod it.

In case you missed it, it’s about Tech!Looks like a great conference. Just hoping that they publish a schedule sooner rather than later.