Meet with me in Vancouver

Grow Conf, Aug 19-21, 2010 Vancouver, BC

I’m heading to Vancouver for the Grow Conference. If you’re a startup, an investor or a service provider in Canada you should be at this event. Read my Top 5 Reasons to go to Grow. (Random note: I’m surprised that Peer1 or Q9 or MyHosting or iWeb or RackForce didn’t see this as a potential sponsorship and marketing event. Further evidence that tech startups are the Rodney Dangerfield‘s of Canadian businesses).

Bootup LabsI’ll be in Vancouver Monday, August 16 through August 20. On August 19 & 20, I’ll be at Grow Conference (I am currently open for breakfast on the Thursday August 19 if you’re interested). I am staying downtown so if you’re up for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you want to talk startups, product/market fit, marketing, BizSpark, technology, or better yet if you can show me where to get a bourbon manhattan. I’ll be working out of Bootup Labs, 163 West Hastings Street – Suite 200, Vancouver, BC and WavefrontAC, 1055 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC.

I’m looking to talk to entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, investors, policy makers, technologists and designers. I’d love to learn about new companies in Vancouver that are:

  • Building on the Microsoft stack including Azure, SQL Server, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, IE9, and other emerging Microsoft technologies. I’m happy to chat about BizSpark and other programs available for startups.
  • Not building on the Microsoft stack, I’d still love to talk to you. I’d love to learn about your choices whether they be PHP, Rails, Android, iPhone, AppEngine, BigTable, Hadoop, Solr, Cassandra, RIAK, VoltDB, open web, etc.
  • Startup fund-raising and Vancouver. I’d love to get an entrepreneurs take on the funding scene. What’s it like to raise capital form W Media Ventures, GrowthWorks Vancouver, VanEdge. Who are the angels? What works? What’s broken?
  • Pitching StartupNorth. We get a lot of submissions of standard press releases. I’ll tell you what works in getting our attention and maybe this can help you get the attention of other bloggers and more credible press.
  • How to demo like a demon! I’d like to see entrepreneurs demo their wares. Come show me your software, the coolest thing about your solution, something that changed your life. Real software always makes me happy.
  • Emerging business models and go-to-market strategy – I’d love to talk about new pricing models, new consumer advertising models, economic and growth models that will allow startups to monetize and survive.
  • Health 2.0 – I’d love to see startups in the patient care space, new health tracking, personal health informatics, aging population support. I think this is a fantastic market segment, though highly regulated, but it’s a area that I have a personal interest in.
  • Social CRM – Microsoft just release CRM5 (ok CRM 2011). Salesforce continues to evolve their platform. There are new competitors like Jive and Lithium. I keep looking at HighRise and BatchBook for my personal contacts. Love to chat about the space, the players, what customers are looking for, etc.

These are all just suggested topics. I’m in town, I actually don’t have an agenda for 3 days.

Find time on my calendar and book a meeting with me at

LaunchParty Vancouver 6

Rob Lewis and the team at TechVibes is doing a great job. They picked up on LaunchParty Vancouver 6 happening on February 26 at the Steamworks Brewing Company. The LaunchParty web site is powered by Danny Robinson’s Strutta, who happens to be a partner in Bootup Labs with my good friend Boris Mann.

LaunchParty Vancouver 6 (LPV6) startups will be posting 2 minute videos and the audience gets to vote on the startup “most likely to succeed”. Brilliant. TechVibes also provides a handy profile of each of the companies.


Handi MobilityCompany:
Handi Mobility
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Coming soon… [more]


Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

HearWhere is a search engine helping you find live music playing all over the world. With more than one million shows from over one million… [more]


3rd WhaleCompany:
3rd Whale
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is a digital media company focused on providing tools, resources and innovative projects that help individuals the world over live a… [more]


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is a user-driven Social Network community and communication platform specifically designed for the television (TV) enthusiast. It is a… [more]


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Webcams just got an upgrade. TimeCam.TV is a service that creates an online time lapse from any Internet camera or webcam. It is the easiest way to… [more]




Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Rilli is a map-based online and mobile event creation tool for social people, doing real things, in the real world. [more]

It begs the question when is the next DemoCamp. Leila has been pushing on finding a venue. It has been too long and we’re going to correct this for FY2009, look for an announcement with DemoCamp details in the next few days.