The Calendaring Land Grab

There is a lot of chatter about calendar being the next native iOS application (much like Mailbox and Taskbox for Mail) that is set to be out replaced by a startup.

Atlas Scheduling Re-Invented - Today Feed  - Events & TasksJust looking at my phone you’ll find:

I’m hopeful for Atlas because it has the potential to replace and improve on, ScheduleOnce, Doodle, Skedge and others (see Adam Popescu’s article on Mashable). I’m hopeful that it is as useful a calendar as Sunrise, but the advanced scheduling features are something I still crave post Zaplet (it’s funny, I remember building those screenshots back in late 1999).  The group scheduling application is feature, not a fully functional calendar.

I seem to struggle with  the business model for calendaring applications. I understand why companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft need to have applications that are engaging and functional for users on their respective platforms. But it feels like a user acquisition land grab. But one that is focused on engagement and not monetization. I guess a queue of >500,000 users can net you an acquisition around $100MM users.

Refreshing my technology

Michael Arrington has a great list of products that he uses everyday. It includes a number of products that I’m hoping to add to my arsenal including:

I’m not sure what’s up, but I’ve been Jonesing for an Android phone. I’m hoping to either snage a Motorola Milestone (think Droid on HSDPA/UTMS) or a Google Phone. I’d like to retire my first generation iPhone, and while the HTC HD2 looks amazing I’m just not excited about it. I want to try to use Goggles and Swype (also available on the WinMo 6.5). The integration with Skynet, sorry Google Mail, is appealing since all of my personal mail has lived exclusively in GMail since 2006.

I’d also really like a Kindle or a Nook, but I’m willing to wait until after CES to see what gets released (Notion Ink, HTC or another manufacturer). It’s also got me thinking about cloud platforms, HTML5 and the browser as OS, improving and dealing with email, improving my calendar, and personal data backup.

I think it’s time to revamp my entire technology stack and usage.