Symmetrics – Senior User Experience Developer

Do you think most enterprise software today is over-priced, over-complicated and has no compassion for the end user? Do you think it is time for business users to demand software that not only solves real business problems, but also incorporates UI innovations similar to what you see in IPhone? If so, keep reading:

What do we do?

  • Target business users: Call center professionals – whom we know already, suffer too much due to the high stress and a highly repetitive job process.
  • Target application: Manage and monitor the performance of a call center. Help analysts find performance bottlenecks, supervisors monitor their agents' performance and agents stay motivated and productive.

How do we do it?

  • Methodology: We like being agile and therefore you will need to keep up with us. We have daily SCRUM meetings. We are big believers in test-driven development.
  • Technology: Building a RIA using Flex, with a RESTful service back-end, using technologies like Spring & Hibernate running over MySQL. Did you say JRuby? Maybe.
  • Tools: Eclipse, Ant, SVN, Trac, JUnit, FlexUnit, CruiseControl. You are encouraged to extend and make them better. We are big believers in open source.
  • Workstations: A shiny new MacBook Pro!

But best of all, this is all new software. No legacies to deal with!

What do we need from you?

  • You are an exceptional developer. You don't just code for work, but you do it for fun!
  • You are always up on the latest frameworks/languages and also have the exceptional ability to evaluate and pick the right ones for the right job.
  • You have shipped many software projects. You not only know a lot about software development, but you can also pass your knowledge to others.
  • You have been developing Flex applications for the past 2+ years. And before that you have a 5+ years history of developing rich client applications using C++, Java or C#.
  • You know and breathe MVC and you understand what it takes to create rich and responsive user interface implementations.
  • You won't shy away from creating this, oh so subtle yet fluid animations in your apps. Did you clone that IPhone UI for fun on Flex? Send it to us…
  • And of course you know things like writing unit tests, build scripts and at least one dynamic language like Ruby, Python etc.


Symmetrics, has been developing custom performance management applications since 1996. Customers include Air Canada, Nike, Microsoft, Nortel, United States Postal Service, Pfizer, and Veritas Software. Symmetrics is a strategic partner with Business Objects, Microsoft, Nortel Networks and IEX and TELUS. Success in business means success in the community and Symmetrics has created Canada's largest and most successful professional cycling team, which supports Canadian charities with its Cyclists for Charity Program.

We offer flexibility, cool customers and technology, tons of opportunity to learn, a balanced lifestyle, and an end to ordinary things! Check out

To apply, submit your resume, cover letter, and a range for your salary expectations, quoting reference “SYMDEV_901” to