Blast Radius – Technical Experience Developer

Quick quiz for all you Interface Development gurus out there…

Would you like to work for Blast Radius, one of the
world's leading strategic interactive agencies? Y/N

Would you like to expand your brilliant portfolio with work for clients like BMW, Nike, Electronic Arts and Nintendo? Y/N

Have you experience building entire enterprise-level RIAs? Y/N

Do you follow and contribute to JS/HTML/CSS/Flash bleeding edge? Y/N

Do you have an excellent understanding of software engineering processes, design patterns and best practices? Y/N

Can you manage or have you managed development teams? Y/N

Can you provide recommendations and technical feasibility? Y/N

Can you build an entire Google-like application using just a browser (JS/HTML/CSS) and access to a server based API for data? Y/N

Would you like us to stop asking questions and let you apply? Y/N

Cool – but don't forget your online portfolio and project list.

Check out our website at and apply online!