BiblioCommons – User Experience Lead

User Experience Lead

BiblioCommons is looking for a User Experience Lead to take the reigns in developing a ground breaking application that will provide a complete “Social Discovery System” for North American libraries.

We're looking for a UI Designer/Information Architect who is:

  • Passionate about shaping the future of online collaboration
  • A tireless advocate for the user: both in terms of valued functionality, and usability
  • A creative force with the instinctive ability to combine compelling user experience with exceptionally user-friendly interfaces
  • A fanatical user of the read/write web – who instinctively absorbs emerging design patterns, but at the same time understands the needs and preferences of mainstream users


You will define all aspects of the functionality and architecture of our solution.

  • Envisioning the full range of the application's functionality: Translate user and business requirements into functional requirements
  • Documenting it: Define user interactions with site maps, wire frames, user flows, labeling systems, prototypes…
  • Testing it: Oversee all aspects of ongoing usability research
  • And Refining it: nimbly integrate findings of research and site usage analysis back into the design process on an ongoing basis


We're open to considering applications from individuals from a variety of backgrounds, and a variety of experience levels. But a demonstrated ability with some combination of the following would be helpful:

  • Initiative in pushing boundaries to create a best-in-class user experience, ideally with highly interactive applications
  • Hands-on proficiency with various design and prototyping tools
  • A clear ability with visual communication—iconography design, colour usage, and typography, etc
  • Experience in iterative user testing: Translating customer feedback and site analysis into innovative, easy-to-use interfaces

Personal Characteristics – The ideal fit:

  • Thrives on the chaos and opportunity of ambitious, fast-paced startup environments
  • Ability to collaborate well in cross-functional team environments with a peer group who are as talented as you are
  • Excited by the possibility of having an impact on the continued success of a vital public institution

BiblioCommons is a Toronto-based venture that is working to re-define the online experience of public and academic libraries—institutions that collectively engage a massive number of users across North America annually, and yet continue to offer user experiences that are at their best dull, and at their worst dysfunctional. The opportunity to have a real impact is extraordinary. It's an opportunity to engage massive number of users in a short timeframe, to define the frontiers of social search, and to bring social discovery applications into the mainstream…

We have fabulous clients who are eager to push the boundaries in leading the way. If you'd like to be part of the team that collaborates with them to design and deliver these groundbreaking applications, please submit your CV and cover letter.

Type: Full time
Start Date: Immediate
Location: Downtown Toronto (Queen and Peter)
Salary: Negotiable


Please submit CVs and cover letters to