Fjord Interactive – Information Architect/Usability Specialist

Fjord Interactive Marketing + Technology is the interactive arm of Cossette Communication Group. Cossette is the largest marketing communications firm in Canada and is within the top 15 agencies in North America.

This is a spectacular opportunity to join a mid-sized interactive group within the resources of an established and growing multinational agency. As part of the Fjord team, a vacancy is available for an Information Architect / Usability Specialist.

The Usability Specialist will incorporate and lead user-centred methodology and learning through all facets of design and development at Fjord Interactive. Working with a multidisciplinary team as a key element in the content and design process, the Usability Specialist will map functional requirements into an effective, usable design.

Company Snapshot

Cossette has developed a unique working method known as CONVERGENCE.

Convergence takes place when a multidisciplined team comprising different communication specialists works in an orchestrated fashion, using a common strategy to create integrated and spectacular executions applied across the relevant specialties. This collaborative working method leads to the creation of a convergent campaign that will provide greater impact because of its multifaceted and synergistic effect on the audiences we are attempting to persuade. This coordinated and efficient approach guarantees that our clients get more for their money, and as a result, receive maximum return on their communications investment. It is because Cossette has been applying convergence for more than 30 years that we have been able to develop the culture (attitude and values), as well as the physical and material conditions (common offices, adapted structures, specific working methods, convergent remuneration systems) so crucial to consistently delivering this exceptional product to our clients.

We are a decentralized organization that believes we must give our people all the tools they need to freely express their entrepreneurial talents, in each of our offices and in each of our business units. Our administrative systems and our information technology must enhance this organizational strength. Many clients come to Cossette because of our ability to provide them with this exceptional and powerful convergent product. Other clients come to Cossette to benefit from the recognized expertise of one or more of our communication specialties, without employing convergence. Both approaches are, in fact, mutually beneficial. Our convergent product is stronger when each of our specialties is recognized as successful and competitive in its specific industry (size, quality of their product, success in developing their own clientele).

As one of Cossette's convergent groups, Fjord's mission is to leverage new technologies to help their clients transform interactions into profitable relationships. How do they do it? They incorporate spectacular, communications-driven ideas in a rigorous manner.

As their name suggests, Fjord Interactive Marketing + Technology is the natural formation of creative + technology. After all, the sum is naturally greater than its parts.

context + message = impact
behaviour + marketing = action
action + innovation = results
people + interaction = communication

creative + technology = Fjord

From the online marketing campaigns and Websites to content management and e-commerce systems, Fjord's full range of innovative products are instrumental in their clients' communications and business successes. They're naturally adept at wooing, indulging and retaining users online. Their communications intrigue and incite, while their robust technology improves the flow of business and facilitates lasting relationships with employees and customers.

Fjord's services include

  • Web design + Development (With an expert understanding of branding and positioning, uniquely informed by convergent disciplines, our creative + technology teams develop and design creative that reinforces our clients' brand image and creates unforgettable online experiences.)
  • Usability (Fjord's usability team is mandated to ensure a user-centered approach to all design and development. The usability team contributes to building a strong brand image for our clients by ensuring the ease, efficiency and enjoyability of use on their websites.)
  • Measurement + Analysis (Our innovative, flexible digital advertising technologies are exclusive to Fjord. By integrating technology with consolidated campaign management, targeting, and measurement across all online activities, we drive traffic where it needs to go.)
  • Digital Advertising + Promotion (Backed by a powerful media unit and our complementary services, Fjord's digital advertising offering blends high-impact creative with ground-breaking development to create powerful promotions for our clients.)
  • E-Commerce + Portals (With a specific understanding of Microsoft solutions and a completely integrated offer, Fjord's rigorous e-commerce methodology is designed to facilitate online interactions and transactions.)
  • Telephony (Fjord's Telephony solutions are modular in nature and built with proven award-winning products, to deliver a truly best-of-class offering. Fjord and Interactive Intelligence push the edge of technology in order to turn our client's multimedia customer interactions into profitable relationships.)
  • B2B Networks (Fjord's Business Networks provides complete post-development services and support. We provide complete turnkey solutions, partnering with our clients in development, implementation, post-implementation and training, and helping them turn interactions into profitable relationships.)
  • Hosting (Through its National Hosting Centre, Fjord is able to provide Cossette clients with a complete hosting solution. We've designed our infrastructure specifically to meet our clients' needs, eliminating the technological and contractual complexity that can stand between a great idea and impactful results.)

Reason for Opening

This role is required to replace a vacancy within the team.

Position Details

Reports to: Cameron Bedford, VP and General Manager
Direct Reports: None directly, although this role will work closely with the account, creative and technical teams.

Requirements of Role

  • Minimum of 3 – 5 years experience in all or a combination of:
    • Information Architecture
    • Usability
    • Research
  • Experience in Strategic Planning/Client Services and Marketing/Communications would be an asset
  • An educational background in either: psychology, cognitive science, usability, computer science, and/or research would be an asset.
  • A solid understanding of usability evaluations, user testing, data analysis, heuristic evaluations, contextual analysis, and information architecture is a must
  • Understanding and experience with qualitative and quantitative research
  • Demonstration of superior presentation and writing skills
  • Ability to confidently analyze client challenges and develop creative solutions
  • Must have a strong design sense and be comfortable as a project leader and client liaison
  • Experience in successfully contributing to a team
  • Ideally, working knowledge of traditional advertising, interactive, direct, media, sponsorship, and brand strategy
  • Proven competency in computer skills
    • MS Professional Office Suite (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    • Internet
    • Visio
  • Understanding of cross browser capabilities and design constraints for web
  • Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, Flash would be an asset

Primary Responsibilities

  • Identify usability needs for client projects and provide solution-based recommendations
  • Provide leadership and insight into the area of online user behaviour (psychographic and demographic)
  • Conceptualize and document the page, content, and usability requirements for online projects
  • Provide an understanding of the client’s and user’s needs, objectives and practices
  • Create high level and detailed information architectures
  • Create functional design documents (paper prototypes) utilizing Human Factors rules for interactive design guides
  • Summarize and interpret the results of projects and present the post-analysis to the internal team and respective client(s)
  • Provide on-going leadership and guidance on industry trends, technology and new developments in user-centred design and usability research
  • Act as a Subject Matter Expert in Usability for in-house projects, outside consulting opportunities, and the internet community by developing presentations, proposals, and P.O.V.s

Attributes for Success

Here are the things that make you stand out from everyone around you . . .

  • You know how to relate to clients. You know how to deliver information in the most strategic and effective manner so that every communication has impact. When you set out to sell an idea, you build your case so that when you’re done, people are confident they’re making the right choice.
  • You’re a team player who’s always willing to pitch in * but you’re savvy enough to know when you’re running out of bandwidth and when to focus on what’s already on your plate.

Career Path

This is an entrepreneurial company and as good people are hard to find, you will be rewarded for proving yourself with your clients and within the team.


  • Initial interviews will be conducted by IQ PARTNERS
  • A 1-hour written test will assess fit and skill level
  • Upon qualification by IQ PARTNERS, successful candidates can expect their first interview to occur with Cameron Bedford
  • To ensure proper 'fit', second-round interviews will occur with other members of the Fjord team

To Apply

Contact *OJ Kerr*at 416.599.4700×227 or