A Major Milestone

The Motorola Milestone goes live on Telus today. I’ve been playing with one for about about a week now. It’s a great device, as others have described the Droid as posing a “more significant challenge to the iPhone than any other phone to date”. The Milestone is the HSPA/UTMS/GSM version of the Droid. The dock […]

Corded Innovations

It’s time for a new laptop. In the recent past I’ve owned/used: Dell m1330 Apple MacBook Pro (late 2007) Lenovo X60 Tablet Asus EeePC 1000HE Apple Powerbook G4 All have been great machines but they have been lacking. The Dell m1330 has the audio jacks on the front edge, which makes using headphones on the […]

Social and Personal CRM

Erick Schonfeld blogged about Ten Technologies that will rock 2010 on TechCrunch. Number Ten is Social CRM. It’s started me thinking about the power of personal or small team CRM. There are many incarnations of CRM including those with a focus on: marketing automation, sales automation, and customer service & support. There are a number […]

Refreshing my technology

Michael Arrington has a great list of products that he uses everyday. It includes a number of products that I’m hoping to add to my arsenal including: Evernote Android I’m not sure what’s up, but I’ve been Jonesing for an Android phone. I’m hoping to either snage a Motorola Milestone (think Droid on HSDPA/UTMS) or […]

Canadians, Canadians, Canadians

Steve Ballmer is coming to Toronto. He’s speaking at the Can>Win initiative presented by The Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The event is focused on helping to “define strategies to secure Canada’s global advantage”. The effort is publishing 16 one pagers from thought leaders (there 8 published as of Oct 15, 2009) in a dialogue on […]

Getting ready for PDC

I’m starting to get ready for another trip to Los Angeles for Microsoft PDC. PDC08 was a great trip, however, it ended really poorly for me. I arrived home from LA and spent 5 days in Toronto General Hospital after complaining all week about chest pain. It turns out that after a heart attack, they […]

Local grub and why mobile matters

I’ve been looking at buying a new laptop. I have been considering buying a netbook mostly because if I can reduce my cash outlay from approximately $3,000 to $700 that makes me happier. But I haven’t bought a netbook. I keep looking at a MacBook Pro, a Dell m1330 and a Sony Vaio Z. And […]

Knowledgeworx – Junior Developer – Microsoft/.NET

Toronto, ON Hi – I’m Brent Ashley, independent DemoCamp sponsor and Ajax Pub Nite host.  I am a Senior Developer and one of the founding partners at Knowledgeworx. Knowledgeworx (http://www.kwx.ca) is a leading provider of wireless infrastructure services, technology asset management and networked device monitoring to the retail sector.  Our products and services are built […]

Ornge – Web Content Officer

Toronto, ON Ornge is Canada’s leading innovator in the emerging field of transport medicine. As a progressive, dynamic organization, our vision is to have a fully integrated and comprehensive organization led by pioneers in transport medicine at the forefront of patient care. We are interested in people who are committed to the Ornge values of […]

CUTC – where the future goes!

CUTC abbr. Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference. [que-te-see] Happening in Toronto on March 12-13, 2009 at the Toronto Hilton. CUTC is the biggest and most defining platform for students to meet and learn from experienced industry and academic professionals. I haven’t been to a CUTC yet. Unfortunately, I won’t get to go this year. It’s happening […]