Chief Shit Disturber

My friend Howard Gwin (LinkedIn) has said the perfect role for me would be one of “Chief Shit Disturber”. “an individual who creates unnecessary conflict and unhappiness where it is especially not required” - Urban Dictionary I’m not sure that this is quite what Howard intended. But that I live in the creative tension between product, […]

Maker’s mode

 Some rights reserved by drp It has been a long time since I built anything. I was trying to think through my last set of projects where I did the “making”. Influitive - I started Influitive with Mark Organ (@markorgan) in the fall of 2010. We built the first set of mockups, screen flows, wireframes and prototypes with a very small […]

The day the punk music died

Photo by Simon White in Toronto Calling exhibit It’s been 9 years since Joe Strummer passed away from an undiagnosed congenial heart defect. Joe Strummer and The Clash were my biggest musical influence. I eagerly awaited the release of The Future is Unwritten (and I’m now the proud owner of a Region 2 DVD from […]

The problem with Microsoft…

Some rights reserved by Nick, Programmerman Gary Rivlin at Fortune Magazine has some recent articles about Steve Ballmer and Microsoft senior management (The problem with Microsoft… & Why insiders think top management has lost its way). The articles make great fodder given the rise of Apple to be larger than Microsoft in both market capitalization and […]

SMS and Canadian Phone Numbers

I’m a huge fan of Google Voice. I’m not alone the team at TechCrunch also seem to be fans. I would really like to use my 416 number with a provider like Google Voice that let’s me keep this as my primary number but forward calls and SMS messages to a device or application I […]

Building communities, not products

I’ve been feeling a little rusty this week. I received feedback that my focus of the past 5+ years on community and evangelism was not necessarily a benefit to an early-stage technology company. This came as a shock as I had to justify and rationalize the past 9 years that I’ve lived in Toronto and […]

Goodbye Microsoft, so long and thanks for all the bits

Can you believe that it has been 1230 days since I announced I was joining Microsoft? I’m guessing a lot of people lost out on that one in the over/under pool. Well, it has been a fantastic 3 years, 4 months and 7 days so far, unfortunately there are only 4 days left until it’s […]

204 Beech

I hate to see the struggles of my friend Geoff and his family. Family plight sparks furor in the Beach – National Post Love and houses – family tradegy shapes a living space – The Globe & Mail 204 Beech Ave – A house or a home? – Open File My Take on 204 Beech […]

Four years later

Time flies. It was four years ago that I had a myocardial infarction at DemoCampToronto6. That’s right, you read that correctly, I had a heart attack at DemoCampToronto6. I’ve had the misfortune of returning to the cardiac care ward just before StartupEmpire in 2008 after PDC for a second angiogram. The good news is the […]