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The folks at KISSMetrics and oneforty have co-produced a great infographic about Social Media Monitoring Tools. Great to see my friends BackType, PostRank, HootSuite and Radian6 mentioned. The guys at Lymbix need to do a little more work acquiring customers with TweetTone, maybe next year. There article ended with some interesting observations about the Social Media Monitoring marketspace including:

  • Relationship with vendor was noted as the least important factor in selecting a social media monitoring tool, while metrics were seen as the most important. Why do you think that is?
  • The vast majority of people said their budget for a social media monitoring tool was less than $500/month. Many tools start at $500/month. What ways can social media professionals prove the value of their efforts to get more budget for measurement/management tools?
  • Most people responded with indifference toward their choice of a social media monitoring tool – 60.1% said it was “okay” and that they’d try something different if it came along. What features would your ideal social media monitoring tool include? If you’ve already discovered it, which one is it and why?

Social Media Monitoring Survey by KISSMetrics & oneforty
From What are the best social media monitoring tools? or download a high resolution PDF

Strong versus weak connections

I missed the Malcolm Gladwell conversation at F5 Expo in Vancouver last week, however, there has been a lot of buzz about the ideas presented. Christopher Holt summarizes Gladwell’s talk:

Fidel and Che didn’t use Facebook to change their world. They didn’t even have fax machines. They built strong trust ties, not loose networks like those that most people have with their Twitter  buddies.

So here’s the idea about social media — it’s a load of tripe that ain’t gonna change nothin’. You want to change the world? You need to spend time, build strong networks based on reputation and authenticity, and develop very close trusting relationships

Basically he’s saying that in order to change the world you need to build strong networks based on reputation, authenticity and trust. And strong networks are not built online. That social network connections tend to be of the weak variety, i.e., easily broken because of the lack of trust and reputation. This is counter to the evidence presented by Veenhof, Wellman, Ouell and Hogan [PDF], who suggest that social media tools are transforming relations with family, with friends, with community relations.

“Rather, research is showing that the Internet is fostering participation with community members and in social organizations. To a great extent, this is basically an enhancement of existing relationships— people now have other media to connect them.”

The data from Veenhof et al. supports the separation of strong and weak connections, however, social media (Internet usage) augments and supports existing relationships. What is missing are the tools for establishing trust, reputation, and authenticity online. The majority of the data continues to support existing familia and friendship relationships as strong ties.

What are strong versus weak connections?

Social network analysis often partitions one’s contacts with other people into strong ties and weak ties. While there is no precise boundary, strong ties generally provide one or more of the following: intimate social support (measured as those with whom one “discusses important matters”), help in times of need, or regular and intentional social contact (that is to say, they actively seek each other out regularly, rather than ‘bump into each other’). Weak ties are those individuals who are socially close to a person, but not close enough to fulfil those criteria (Boase et al. 2006).

How do you critically evaluate the reputation of others online? Is it their academic or corporate pedigree? Is it the number of followers? Is it through personal connection? What about as the number of levels of degrees of separation increase in your social graph? You know who your friends are and presumably you trust them, do you trust their friends?

Who are the people that you actively seek out?

Trust like knowledge is an emergent property

I think that Stowe Bowd has captured my biggest concern about trust management:

Stowe Boyd, Craig Newmark on Trust

Trust — like knowledge — is an emergent property of social networks, an attribute of social relationships. That I trust a friend and that friend trusts me is a construct of emotions and thoughts, based on interactions over time, and the result of past experiences…Attempts in the past to suggest that knowledge can be managed as an asset have largely been fruitless. I predict the same will be true of trust and reputation. And not just because it can be gamed, or that it is highly contextual, but because it won’t connect with our minds well, and how we think and feel about trust.

And this is consistent with Gladwell’s comments at F5 Expo and the work from Veenhof et al, that strong connections are incredibly well supported by digital communication tools. I keep wondering if there is an opportunity to build a trustworthiness score, something like a credit score. However, the ability of the financial industry to operationalize a measure of the riskiness of a consumer is probably much more easily accepted than other industries to accept a computed trust measure.

Additional Reading

Social Media Group – Manager, Influencer Outreach

Toronto, ON

We’re looking for a passionate social media practitioner to join our growing team.

Based in our Toronto branch office, you’ll be responsible for providing top-notch service to some of North America’s leading brands.

As a Manager in our Influencer Outreach team, you’ll get to do leading-edge work surrounded by some of the best and brightest folks in the business. It’ll be your job to help develop and deliver strategies, campaigns and programs for our clients.

At SMG, we practice applied social media, not theoretical. Our clients appreciate that our expertise is real and market-tested and that we offer a unique perspective as a pure-play social media agency.

We’re looking for candidates who:

  • are excellent communicators
  • have experience providing client service
  • have worked in the social media space
  • actively participate online
  • are looking to have a remarkable experience doing phenomenal work

At SMG we value honesty, curiosity, innovation, invention, excellence and partnership. Our mantra is to add value in all our interactions at every opportunity. We treat each other and everyone else with respect. And we have a tonne of fun together!

If you’re interested in applying, please check out the job description and send your resume and cover letter to maggie [at] socialmediagroup [.] com and leona [dot] hobbs [at] socialmediagroup [.] com. Please make sure to include links to your websites and profiles on social networks.

Chango/ – Social Media Intern

Toronto, ON

Originally from

Chango Inc. is “hiring” 2 social media interns for the summer to coordinate our social engagement strategy for and!  Checkout our recent TechCrunch article and some of the online Buzz. Salary is zip, zero, zilch.  However here’s what you do get:

  1. The opportunity to build your personal brand while pumping up Tweetbucks and Chango.
  2. Work 4 days a week on our stuff, use our facilities on the 5th day to work on your own stuff.
  3. A chance at a full-time job at the end of the summer as a Chango community manager
  4. One intern will walk away with their own Macbook 13″ laptop at the end of the summer.  We will be running competitions throughout the summer and the overall winner gets the laptop.  Think social media “Apprentice”.
  5. $50 StarBucks card each month + Wifi access.
  6. Your own place in a cool brick & beam office in the coolest part of downtown Toronto.
  7. A great chance to share your knowledge, and learn from a passionate group of experienced entrepreneurs, developers, executives and investors.


What you will be doing

  • Build creative mini-campaigns to promote the Tweetbucks & Chango brands with next to no budget!
  • Stay highly caffeinated while blogging, tweeting & talking all day about our service.
  • Plan, shoot and produce video-blog segments
  • Work with seasoned entrepreneurs and an extremely talented development team

Skill-sets required

  • Highly comfortable using and communicating with Twitter and other social media services
  • Excellent written English and communication skills
  • Positive and self-motivated attitude willing to tackle tasks with limited supervision
  • Some technically savvy

How to Apply

Successful applicants will provide us with a 2 page outline of how they will build the Tweetbucks brand using  social media tools.  Applicants should be creative design a low-budget campaign that might include Twittering, blogging, producing video blogs, fan pages, tweet-ups, competitions and more.   This is your chance to show us your creative side and your understanding of how social media works.   Submit a link to your proposal via our Contact form.   Hint: Checkout the I heart the Cube campaign @tswizz put together to try to win a car.

Our Location

Work in the Fashion / Media District of Downtown Toronto – King St. West.   Starbucks is 10 seconds away with a killer patio.

Humber College – Digital Marketing Manager

Toronto, ON

Position Summary

The Digital Marketing Manager identifies opportunities, undertakes appropriate market research and evaluates the effectiveness of all digital marketing initiatives and is responsible for managing all processes related to the implementation of web strategies, interactive media and emerging digital applications for Humber. This may include site development and design, content creation, search engine optimization and work on content management systems. This position liaises with the IT department to ensure marketing projects are supported. This position provides leadership and guidance to all faculties and business units for their online programs and interactive marketing campaigns. The incumbent will demonstrate an understanding of the growing role that digital marketing and emerging digital media play in the integrated marketing equation and will know how to communicate the vision and gain support and acceptance for new initiatives.


The successful candidate will have a degree or diploma in Computer Science, Computer Programming or related discipline and a minimum of 7 years experience in web management. In addition, the successful candidate will have demonstrated experience in digital marketing & advertising, in a web design, agency or client organization; excellent written/oral communication skills; highly developed project management skills; and proven ability to conceptualize, develop and implement strategies in support of the digital marketing strategy. Experience in online media, social media, mobile, user -generated content, and other digital communications is an important function of the role.


*We thank all applicants for their interest in this position. Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

Humber is committed to a workforce that reflects the diversity of our students and our city. We actively seek qualified individuals with demonstrated skill and knowledge to deal with all aspects of diversity in a post-secondary environment.

OPEN DATE: September 11, 2008
CLOSE DATE: October 12, 2008

All candidates are asked to submit a cover letter and resume to HR Services using one of the following three methods and quoting the competition number: 2008-146

By e-mail to: (acceptable formats include .doc, .wpd, .rtf and PDF)

By mail: Humber College, 205 Humber College Blvd., Toronto, ON M9W 5L7

By fax: 416.675.4708

Kontagent – Super Awesome Developer

Toronto, ON

Kontagent is looking for rockstar developers both in Toronto and San Francisco area.

We’re looking for all the obvious traits — intelligent, creative, self motivated, etc.

But most importantly, we’re looking for people like us: a love for solving hard problems, as passion for build cool technology and coming up with creative solutions, and desire for working with small elite teams that create world class stuff.

We are looking for people without egos, but have a track-record of awesomeness or have demonstrated a passion and love for writing great software.

We prefer working with extremely strong generalists (look at our company bios and you’ll see what we mean), but we are currently looking for people that can help us with both front end web development (think CSS, AS3, Flex, Javascript) as well as backend web development (think Python, MySQL, large distributed systems).

We are funded by strong investors, have benefits, options, etc. etc.

You will be working in fast pace enviorment with new interesting technology.

Most importantly, you’ll be working with some awesome smart and fun people.

We are looking for both exceptional recent graduates as well as proven veterans… So please please please, if you or know someone who would be interested in working with emerging social networking technology — please contact Albert Lai!

Trapeze – Director of Application Development

Toronto, ON

Trapeze seeks a strong technical manager with experience leading and developing teams of programmers, making important technical choices, and defining internal processes and procedures.

Toronto-based Trapeze ( is a leading digital agency that works with a select group of exciting world-renowned clients, including Bonefish Grill, CBS Television, CBC, Cineplex, Disney, Jaguar, LandRover, Natrel, Sobeys and many others.


You will lead Trapeze’s talented team of web and application developers working on creating customized projects for our clients.

Your core duties will include:

  • Defining a standardized approach to define technical solutions and technical architectures for our client projects.
  • Collaborating with client facing teams and internal developers to determine the best technical solutions to challenges.
  • Defining the internal processes and methodologies of the development team.
  • Managing the development of re-usable code libraries and tools.
  • Acting as the lead technical person on the most demanding client projects
  • Making decisions on which technologies Trapeze invests in training and developing our staff in.
  • Developing the skill sets and capabilities of all of Trapeze developers, especially growing a team of highly capable lead developers under you.


  • Computer Science degree
  • Demonstrated experience managing multiple teams of developers
  • Demonstrated experience in developing software development project management processes.
  • Project management training and / or other management training an important asset.
  • Strong understanding of/experience with web technologies (see following list)
  • Required areas of technical expertise:
    • CMS Platforms
    • LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Python
    • Some experience in Microsoft technologies -.NET / ASP would be a big asset
    • Front end  – HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Flash

Nice to Have

Experience with:

  • Java / J2EE / JSP
  • C++
  • Facebook and Open Social application development

Key Attributes

  • A desire to continuous learn and develop new skill sets
  • Detail-oriented and accountable for deadlines and quality of work
  • Committed to extensibility and reusability
  • Can distil business requirements into technical solutions while retaining a sense of the “big picture”
  • Comfortable working in a team environment
  • Actively seeks input from other team members
  • Can motivate and energize those around them
  • Willing to work occasional additional hours when necessary


  • Position Reports directly to CEO
  • You will be part of the senior management team responsible for charting a future direction for the company and integrating the capabilities of Trapeze’s different areas of expertise
  • You will have team of currently 10 developers reporting to you
  • Position will work closely with other VP / Director staff in following areas
    • Director of Trapeze Labs – in making technical choices for the company, determining development methodology and identifying opportunities for re-usable tools
    • Director of HR – in hiring and developing staff
    • Director of Production – in project staffing and resourcing decisions


  • Competitive compensation plan
  • Comprehensive health benefits plan (medical, dental, life insurance and disability)
  • Excellent working conditions
  • Career advancement opportunities

To Apply

Email your current resume to with the words “Director of Application Development” in the subject line. No calls, drop-ins or faxes, please.

Groundswell: Application to Gauge Social Networks Attitudes

Thank you Beet.TV.

There is a lot of interest in tap into the wealth of behavioural data that is unlocked by social media applications. There has not been a lot of tools that really go beyond traditional demographic or web analytic measures.

Groundswell is Forrester Research’s new tool for understanding the social media ecosystem of: Creators; Critics; Collectors; Joiners; Spectators and Inactives. Groundswell provides some initial breakdowns using basic demographic data (Age; Country; Sex) to identify the composition of the social group according to their Social Technographics® and compared to the general population.

Interesting stuff. Unfortunately there is no data about Canada.

It’s tied to the release of Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff‘s book of the same name, Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. I’m really curious at how much data they collected, it’s probably better than most anecdotal evidence but the quote from book site is a little nebulous:

"hard consumer data and experience with dozens of companies"

Apparently it’s based on "65 corporate examples including 25 full case studies". But it’s interesting to begin to build a profile of the audience and the general archetypes. This basic level of research is designed to get you to purchase additional research from Forrester. And it’s a very good start. I wonder how many media startups are not able to provide similar basic demographic details about their audience. What happens when we move beyond CPMs and CPCs? At Nakama, the behaviour analysis tools were very immature, probably a contributing factor to our failure, but we understood to build a "mobile social community" we needed to understand who was using our site, from where and what they were doing on the site. In our case, it turned out that it was to upload pictures of their wangs (yep, not their Wangs). It would have been very interesting to have build our strategies and tactics on the understanding of the social media ecosystem provided by Groundswell.