Chango/ – Social Media Intern

Toronto, ON

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Chango Inc. is “hiring” 2 social media interns for the summer to coordinate our social engagement strategy for and!  Checkout our recent TechCrunch article and some of the online Buzz. Salary is zip, zero, zilch.  However here’s what you do get:

  1. The opportunity to build your personal brand while pumping up Tweetbucks and Chango.
  2. Work 4 days a week on our stuff, use our facilities on the 5th day to work on your own stuff.
  3. A chance at a full-time job at the end of the summer as a Chango community manager
  4. One intern will walk away with their own Macbook 13″ laptop at the end of the summer.  We will be running competitions throughout the summer and the overall winner gets the laptop.  Think social media “Apprentice”.
  5. $50 StarBucks card each month + Wifi access.
  6. Your own place in a cool brick & beam office in the coolest part of downtown Toronto.
  7. A great chance to share your knowledge, and learn from a passionate group of experienced entrepreneurs, developers, executives and investors.


What you will be doing

  • Build creative mini-campaigns to promote the Tweetbucks & Chango brands with next to no budget!
  • Stay highly caffeinated while blogging, tweeting & talking all day about our service.
  • Plan, shoot and produce video-blog segments
  • Work with seasoned entrepreneurs and an extremely talented development team

Skill-sets required

  • Highly comfortable using and communicating with Twitter and other social media services
  • Excellent written English and communication skills
  • Positive and self-motivated attitude willing to tackle tasks with limited supervision
  • Some technically savvy

How to Apply

Successful applicants will provide us with a 2 page outline of how they will build the Tweetbucks brand using  social media tools.  Applicants should be creative design a low-budget campaign that might include Twittering, blogging, producing video blogs, fan pages, tweet-ups, competitions and more.   This is your chance to show us your creative side and your understanding of how social media works.   Submit a link to your proposal via our Contact form.   Hint: Checkout the I heart the Cube campaign @tswizz put together to try to win a car.

Our Location

Work in the Fashion / Media District of Downtown Toronto – King St. West.   Starbucks is 10 seconds away with a killer patio.