Scotch tape, safety pins and spaghetti – SMB marketing automation

Image courtesy of gotosira  some rights reserved I was talking to a friend who runs a >10 person distributed professional services firm. He was looking for better tooling to automate his customer processes. He had recently dropped Salesforce, not because it was too much or too expensive, but because the configuration and usage was too complicated for […]

reply, Reply All and bcc:

There is a difference between small ‘r’ reply and a big ‘R’ reply all. There seems to be a group that insists on the “me too”, “count me in”, “+1″  emails. This existed in grad school, it was particularly prevalent at Microsoft, and seems to continue. Maybe it is that I use 3 email address, the first […]

My current tools

 Some rights reserved by karramarro I always found looking at the tools that others used a little voyeuristic, but often insightful. Check out the what Michael Arrington used in 2010. Here is my list, but I’m curious at what the indispensable tools and applications that John Lilly, Adam Nash, Mark MacLeod, Jevon MacDonald, April Dunford, Ali Asaria, Dan Martell, Dave […]

SMASH Summit in NYC

Dave McClure and the 500 Startups folks are producing a great looking conference focused on “hack-tics” of customer acquistion. They ran a similar event in April 2010 in SF. – check out tthe presentations on SlideShare and the feedback. At the event speakers provided examples based on real usage and data. David Cowling provided a […]

The Evolution of Social CRM

The team at GetSatisfaction are really nailing the infographics. They released a great infographic tracking The Evolution of Social CRM. It does a great job explaining how Social CRM should really just be CRM, but isn’t. Social CRM represents a change in attitude and approach that is fundamentally a cultural change for most organizations. This […]

Impact of Social Media on the Sales Funnel

The team at GetSatisfaction have put together a great overview on the impact of social media on the sales funnel. It’s an interesting evolution  in my understanding of the buying process: Awareness » Interest » Trial » Evaluation » Decision Attention » Interest » Desire » Action The simplification of “Decision” to “Action” makes perfect […]

Recommendation Engines

I started using Netflix and I’m both impressed with the recommendation engine and curious. Amazon does a great job using a combination of items and behaviour to present thing I might like to purchase. I find the Netflix Canada content recommendations good but not quite as good. This could be the difference that my Amazon […]

Six Slides

Can you pitch your company in six slides? I can’t believe that Fred and Brad raised the first USV fund  with only six (6) slides. “We learned to simplify our story and we learned how to create six killer slides. And killer slides are not slides with a dozen bullets each. They are six powerful […]

Speed and Growth

I had coffee yesterday with Mark Organ. Mark is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Eloqua. We were talking about the 2 advantages that startups bring which are: Speed Growth Speed and growth are what the startup is all about. You have the opportunity to be faster, more nimble and achieve greater growth rates […]

From out of the ashes

Reposted from my StartupNorth post: Is there any questions that the Canadian venture captial industry is in turmoil? There is a change that is happening, it might just not be happeing as fast as it could. Mark McQueen talks about the the creative destruction of the VC industry in Canada. “There’s no robust “new class” of […]