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Yeah, independents, freelancers, emerging startups, web developers and others rejoice. You have a coworking option in Toronto again. After Indoor Playground “moved” in January 2008, Toronto has been lacking a general coworking space. (Yes I know about the Centre for Social Innovation, but it has mission-based selection criteria that helps create it’s ecosystem and not everyone qualifies). But today, Rachael and Wayne have announced the opening of Camaraderie. I provided some coverage over on StartupNorth, I’m hoping that we can again try to rally around a different office space model that is enabled by this emerging participatory culture.

Camarderie - Coworking in Toronto

Camaraderie is a located at 102 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON. The doors are scheduled to open on Feb 15, 2010 and the space will be free until Feb 28, 2010. I’m hoping that many of the independents that are looking for a part-time, downtown coworking space will check out Camaraderie. The pictures of the space are still very raw.

The Building 102 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ONOpen WorkspaceKitchen AreaBoard Room

The Details

  • memberships will be $300/mo for unlimited use during business hours
  • we’ll work out keys later, but for now the space will be open 9:00am-6:00pm (or later)
  • free wifi, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate every day

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  1. @deborahnixon,

    It depends on the particular space in each facility, i.e., the camaraderie space may only have open space. This would be very similar to the spaces at Station C. But it really depends on what the folks at Camaraderie choose to do.

    You should check out the Coworking Community Blog. Where they define coworking as “a movement to create a community of cafe-like collaboration spaces for developers, writers and independents”.

  2. There are many coworking spaces Camradaries size throughout the city, they just don't know that they are coworking. Besides the Centre for Social Innovation, there is the LBCBE catering to the west end of the city and points beyond. Visit their site to get their twist on coworking

  3. Abigail,

    Thanks for the link to LBCBE. My understanding of the the coworking is a culture decision for many technology workers, which is different than a traditional real estate company deciding that it is a marketing tactic to reach potential renters/service consumers. LBCBE looks like a very nice facility, for me it is missing the “independents” vibe that most coworking spaces have. It appears to be real estate plus services, which is very different than the cultural embrace that CSI has embraced.

  4. David,
    The only culture that is embraced at the LBCBE is one of harmony and cooperation. LBCBE is not a small facility catering to a small group of “independents”, rather it could accomodate several such groups in what could be called an ecosystem. Surely you don't think the concept of 'coworking' is applicable only to technology worker, as noted the concept is easily applicable to many other industries. Indeed it can clearly apply to many fields of endevour and activity beyond industry. As the concept of coworking evolves, I would suggest to you that not only will it become broadly applicable, but it will also become broadly available. In other words, and using terms borrowed from the real estate industry, as the activity becomes more commonplace such faclities will become less 'destination', and will be driven by factors such as convenience and location. Which does not have to be a bad thing at all: If I can get the atmosphere and ambiance within a few kms from my home why would I drive to the other end of the city?

  5. I love the look of the space. Great idea! My friend and I are considering renting a space. Definitely worth the investment from what I see on the website.

  6. It is quite good to have cowork though, it may be early to call anything about the quality of accommodations and office space. Good thing is it have coffee, free wifi and especially hot chocolate, and its every day! Thanks for sharing.


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