Uptime Software – Software Developer

Toronto, ON

Job Description and Duties

As part of the development team, you will be responsible for the development
and maintenance of our software products, which are written in Java and PHP and
integrate with many operating systems and databases. The position involves
close interaction with other developers and the QA team. A strong development
background is required.

Main Duties

  • Development and maintenance of our software products.
  • Write and maintain automated JUnit tests using Test Driven Development.
  • Participate in daily team meetings and weekly delivery schedules.
  • Support other team members in their work, including pair programming.
  • Test the performance of code against large data sets.
  • Reproduce and fix bugs escalated from the Support department.

Required Skills

  • Expert in Java (5+), PHP (5.2+) and Oracle (10g+).
  • Fluency in Unix command line (Linux or Solaris).
  • Familiarity with mysql 5.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills in English.
  • Desirable Skills
  • Strong Windows programming experience (C# or Visual C++).
  • SQL Server experience.
  • Javascript / AJAX experience.
  • Agile development experience

Background Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or above.
  • 5+ years in a development role.
  • 3+ years with PHP, Java and Oracle as a primary focus.
  • Knowledge of the systems management industry is an advantage.


Apply for this job online at http://www.uptimesoftware.com/careers.php?jobId=11

About Us

uptime software inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, has corporate clients
around the globe in more than 30 countries and is a leading innovator in performance
management technology. Our flagship product up.time provides organizations
with continuous server performance, availability monitoring, historical analysis,
reporting capabilities, help with problem isolation, capacity planning and
server consolidation. Uptime software helps organizations reduce system management
costs by having the organization take control of its IT infrastructure and
make more efficient use of server and personnel resources. To learn more about
uptime software and our successes please visit: www.uptimesoftware.com .