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Building Media Empires

Is it possible to build a new Canadian media empire?

I’m not even sure what a media empire looks like. People still want content. And content needs distribution. It feels like the majority of distribution in Canada is controlled by a small number of players:

  • Postmedia
  • Torstar Corporation
  • Rogers Media
  • Corus Entertainment
  • Astral Media
  • St. Joseph Media
  • Now Communications
  • Blue Ant Media
  • DHX Media (thanks @johntoryT0 for the correction)
  • plus more

I still don’t really understand the economics of distribution and monetization of traditional media. But this seems like a start to understanding about the Canadian landscape. In 2014, there was a lot of VC money (yes, yes, VC dollars is not the only metric of success) going into journalism companies (I  really like the CB Insights description of fat content companies): Buzzfeed, Vice, Huffington Post, First Look Media, Pando Daily, Vox and others. Canada seems to be stuck in the online properties of traditional media outlets.

We produce interesting/engaging content including YouTube stars:

I want to build a better understanding about content creation, distribution and monetization in Canada. Where should I start?

/me goes to spend more time consuming CANADALAND.



4 thoughts on “Building Media Empires”

  1. I’m not sure what media empire looks like, but I’d add gaming companies to the empire building blocks.

  2. perhaps they are smaller players, but they are to me significant, and I’d like to make mention of:

    TruthMashUp – with Dan Speerin and Vince

    Dan’s contribution to the national dialogue is valued by many people, though he’s not in the news gathering business

    1. Hi Allan,

      I don’t know TruthMashUp. I’ll have a look. I’m not in the news gathering business either. I think there is an interesting conversation going on about media criticism, commentary and satire. This feels important to the role of media and journalism in our collective futures (which I’m definitely following). The other conversation for me is the nature, economics and structure of the entire Canadian media landscape and the capacity to build media businesses. When I look at companies like Vice, BuzzFeed, Vox Media, Twitch and others they are definitely not Canadian, they probably couldn’t happen today in the Canadian media landscape. So I’m happy to see others like Dan contributing and moving the conversation.

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