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Bottom up healthcare

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Fred Wilson wrote about his thoughts on what is going to happen in tech in 2015. ¬†I was struck by his post on “the pressure of real patient centered healthcare” emerging from “the smartphone becoming the EMR“. It was the pressure for change put on organizations and marketplaces from the bottom, i.e., the direct consumers. Health care is a market place where change is top down. The influence¬†of doctors, administrators, insurers, bureaucrats has always be stronger than those of the patients.

“11/ the health care sector will start to feel the pressure of real patient centered healthcare brought on by the trifecta of the smartphone becoming the EMR, patients treating patients (p2p medicine), and real market economies entering health care (people paying for their own healthcare). this is a megatrend that will take decades to fully play out but we will see the start of it in 2015.” – Fred Wilson

Access to new technology, access to new people and access to new business models is changing this. It was the first time I had associated Benedict Evans’ Mobile is Eating the World with the pending megachanges that are coming for health care. Someone is building the “Uber for healthcare”, and for me I understand why it will be mobile that allows healthcare to be reimagined.

Mind blown. Thank you Fred and Benedict.