The Calendaring Land Grab

There is a lot of chatter about calendar being the next native iOS application (much like Mailbox and Taskbox for Mail) that is set to be out replaced by a startup.

Atlas Scheduling Re-Invented - Today Feed  - Events & TasksJust looking at my phone you’ll find:

I’m hopeful for Atlas because it has the potential to replace and improve on, ScheduleOnce, Doodle, Skedge and others (see Adam Popescu’s article on Mashable). I’m hopeful that it is as useful a calendar as Sunrise, but the advanced scheduling features are something I still crave post Zaplet (it’s funny, I remember building those screenshots back in late 1999).  The group scheduling application is feature, not a fully functional calendar.

I seem to struggle with  the business model for calendaring applications. I understand why companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft need to have applications that are engaging and functional for users on their respective platforms. But it feels like a user acquisition land grab. But one that is focused on engagement and not monetization. I guess a queue of >500,000 users can net you an acquisition around $100MM users.

4 thoughts on “The Calendaring Land Grab”

  1. Great post David, I agree that a lot of these solutions do great in their own niche, yet no one has been able to take majority stake in the market because the features and users are spread across multiple platforms. I am working on a solution that consolidates the best features from these apps, to offer expanded social utility and engage a large user base, which then could monetize similarly to Twitter or Google. I will shoot an email your way with more info, I’m really interested to get your input.

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