Reinventing Email

I was just struck by how similar my GMail experience was to the ReMail work that the CUE team at IBM Research published in 2003.

ReMail by Collaborative User Experience (CUE) team in IBM Research

The experiences are different. But the integration of the GCalendar, live names (think GTalk status), thread size and threaded messages, thread visualization (reminds me of Rapportive), collection categorization (a combination of tags and priority). It’s amazing how prescient this work was almost 10 years ago. Amazing.

The best part is being able to track the researchers on LinkedIn:

4 thoughts on “Reinventing Email”

  1. Biggest development for me with email is the add ons I have been able to use with google apps mail in the browser. I use sanebox, boomerang, rapportive, inbox pause, copy2contact. Really enhances my mail experience

    1. The email adds one for gmail is their biggest advantage over using other email clients such as Apple mail or sparrow or thunderbird, etc…. I need to try sanebox, inbox pause, copy2contact!

      1. agreed. i loved sparrow for my non-google email account last year, but still doesn’t compare to having rapportive, boomerang,, the labs… oh it’s the bomb 😉 (just started experimenting w/ pause and I’m a fan).

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