Links for 2005-11-08

It looks like 2006 Ryerson IT Leadership Development Program is ramping up. I was fortunate enough to participate in this program during it’s inaugural run in 2004-2005. The program is run in conjunction with the CIOSummit and Ryerson University Information Technology Management (ITM) Program in the School of Business. James Norrie , Craigg Balance and Barry Clavair have put together a innovative group of IT leaders, researchers, CIOs, and thinkers. Duncan Card, Peter Keen, Keith Powell are engaging, entertaining and insightful speakers. If you are an IT executive (or you want to be), this program offers a solid foundation for development. (The funny thing is this program made me realize I don’t want to be CIO). But if you are leading IT and IT projects in a medium to large organization, do not miss the opportunity to join this group. They are an excellent resource, and you, your projects, your team and organization will be better off for your participating in the program.

Taconite is an Apache-licensed AJAX framework that includes JSP tags. This is great if you are doing (or wanting to do) AJAX development for a J2EE project. Also be sure to check out the AJAX libraries list on Wikipedia .

Rob Hyndman of Hyndman Law follows technology law for startups in Canada. He has some great insights into Corporate Blogging and it looks like he is attending TorCamp .