Four years later

photo by mariobraune
Photo by mariobraune

Time flies. It was four years ago that I had a myocardial infarction at DemoCampToronto6. That’s right, you read that correctly, I had a heart attack at DemoCampToronto6. I’ve had the misfortune of returning to the cardiac care ward just before StartupEmpire in 2008 after PDC for a second angiogram. The good news is the second time, everything was fine.

t has been a great 4 years in Toronto. Together with a loose group of friends and co-conspirators we’ve build a vibrant ecosystem for startups, entrepreneurs, designers, technologists and others. I hope that I’m around to see my daughters grow up and this community flourish. I’m grateful that we live in a city, province and country with fantastic medical care. Thanks to LeilaJay,Sutha, and everyone else for recognizing the symptoms and getting me to Toronto General (thanks to MaRS for being so close to TGH). Thanks to Dr. Eric Horlick and the entire staff at TGH for a 4am CathLab run.

Thanks to everyone for making the past 4 years so memorable.

I’m not alone, Om Malik suffered a heart attack in 2007. Paige Freeborn suffered one also in 2008. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Canada. I hope that all of my friends and acquaintances through StartupNorth, DemoCamp and other activities will take the time to visit their doctors and ask about their risk factors for heart disease.

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  1. Its crazy that it happened to you so young David. A cautionary tale for us all. Maintain a steady diet of Manhattans and stay with us for a long time

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