Refreshing my technology

Michael Arrington has a great list of products that he uses everyday. It includes a number of products that I’m hoping to add to my arsenal including:

I’m not sure what’s up, but I’ve been Jonesing for an Android phone. I’m hoping to either snage a Motorola Milestone (think Droid on HSDPA/UTMS) or a Google Phone. I’d like to retire my first generation iPhone, and while the HTC HD2 looks amazing I’m just not excited about it. I want to try to use Goggles and Swype (also available on the WinMo 6.5). The integration with Skynet, sorry Google Mail, is appealing since all of my personal mail has lived exclusively in GMail since 2006.

I’d also really like a Kindle or a Nook, but I’m willing to wait until after CES to see what gets released (Notion Ink, HTC or another manufacturer). It’s also got me thinking about cloud platforms, HTML5 and the browser as OS, improving and dealing with email, improving my calendar, and personal data backup.

I think it’s time to revamp my entire technology stack and usage.

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  1. I keep looking at Evernote but just don't find the compelling use case for my own usage — I'm interested to hear your experience with it.

    For personal data backup, I use both DropBox (for active project files that I might want access to anywhere) and JungleDisk (which does an encrypted backup to S3 in the EU for more security). Both work well for me.

  2. I'm really digging my android phone… of course, I got my HTC Hero like 3 weeks before the Nexus One became “official” … also just before Wind got re-approved to open – so I'm locked in on a Telus contract (boo). Telus is bringing the Milestone to Canada – but not until probably May I've heard. If all the rumors are true, then the Nexus One will be available on Tuesday *unlocked*.

    Evernote just hasn't sunk in for me… I'm really not a fan of the desktop app and no matter how hard I try it's just never “right there” enough for a note taking app. I'll echo Sandy's comment – let me know if you can make it work for you!

  3. I note taking app that I'm loving is Simplenote. Only an iPhone app on the mobile side of things, but the sell is that it's a free web app that offers good web based sync. One reason I started using it more and more often in replacement of Evernote was that it has an API and some simple apps have been built on top of it. JustNotes for the mac is a great note taker.


  4. Also consider what technology you can throw out and stop using all together as well. Opportunity to shape up existing solutions and upgrade for what's not working for you, as well as to use less and toss out stuff that wastes time, adds too much clutter to your routine etc…

  5. Next post is an inventory of current technology and services. Then a discussion about what I want the tech to do.

    I've started to think about what I can get rid of or replace.

  6. Ya that is true.. It will be really fun to use new technology and to learn more on that. I agree that we will get opportunity to revamp the existing solutions by upgrading.

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