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Erick Schonfeld blogged about Ten Technologies that will rock 2010 on TechCrunch. Number Ten is Social CRM. It’s started me thinking about the power of personal or small team CRM. There are many incarnations of CRM including those with a focus on:

  • marketing automation,
  • sales automation,
  • and customer service & support.

There are a number of converging trends that are making both personal CRM and social CRM an interesting place:

  • Consumerization of technology
    We’re buying our own laptops, mobile devices, home services and entertainment. The combination of low-cost, easy-to-use devices and consumable content is helping to change expectations about procurement, enablement and scarcity.
  • Email and communication overload
    You can check voicemail, email, Facebook messages, IMs, tweets, Skypes, etc. But conversations often get lost or forgotten in the flow of messages.
  • VoIP
    Skype, Google Voice, Microsoft Office Communication Server. While not perfect, I can imagine making quality or reliability tradeoffs for VoIP usage, i.e., email withe every conversation I’ve had with people on social networks, over email or voice. That would be awesome. Imagine a searchable database of every conversation. Think I’m nuts, well check out Total Recall.
  • Mobility
    Let me pick the device. Netbook, laptop, slate, tablet, phone, console. Yes. Home, office, on the move. Yes. I want the open Internet on which ever device I’m using.
  • Cloud
    I hate feeling like I have better access to personal data on my PC. It’s my data, I want to access it on whatever device I’m using, laptop, mobile, gaming console, etc. Security and privacy are tantamount, but it’s my data and as credit card companies have proven, privacy is dead. So put my files, images, music in the cloud, preferably on hardware that I own so I don’t have to pay a subscription fee for everything.
  • Social media
    Next generation platforms are  where there is some very interesting change happening. Commerce, communications and consumer shifts.

Companies and products to watch in enabling both personal and social CRM.

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8 thoughts on “Social and Personal CRM”

  1. We just started using VTiger after using SugarCRM for awhile and it's so helpful to have everything accessible online. We've done a few demos on the analytics side and this gives us some new options to try!

    Great list.

  2. Outside of startups, I would also suggest that there is a lot of opportunity for telecom to (catch up to?) innovate and move forward. By embracing and supporting unlocked phones, they allow us to choose our devices and then take them (and that mobile data package we're paying for) with us.

    There's just as much opportunity for the big guys if they can act on it.

  3. Great article.

    One of the things that I find gets lost are conversations in a business context. Let me give you an example of what I mean. For example, a sales rep finds a great document (i.e a customer white paper or win/loss sheet) on the corporate intranet or in that is directly related to a deal that he/she is working on. This document and the people who created, contributed to it and used it are critical to helping this rep close this new deal. So, imagine if the rep could quickly and easily see the people and conversations attached to these corporate documents (based on permissions of course) such as their professional profiles (titles, roles, expertise); how they used the documents; what they thought about the content; and how they recommend using it moving forward.

    Now that would be powerful. Especially if you could do this in the office or while on the road. Context is everything.

  4. A great article and a nice list, but it's missing some entries.

    WeCanDoCRM is an extsnion of our business focused social networking site in the UK. It's free and enables tracking of contacts from Twitter, LinkedIn, Ecademy and more. In adition, we have a specific Twitter Sales Leads tool which helps identify people tweeting an explicit need for what you offer, capturing details of the opportunity and the prospect directly into the Social CRM system.

    You can find it at

    Ian Hendry
    CEO, WeCanDo.BIZ

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