DemoCamp Toronto # 24 featuring Gary Vaynerchuk

crushit We’re really lucky to have Saul Colt working his ass off in Toronto. He’s done a great thing. He’s invited his friend Gary Vaynerchuk to come to Toronto and talk to startups about his book, Crush It, and entrepreneurship. That’s right, Gary Vaynerchuk in Toronto on December 3, 2009 for the next DemoCamp Toronto (which will be number 24 for anyone keeping track).

Gary is keynoting SxSW. Here’s your chance to see Gary without the trip to Austin. However, I strongly recommend the trip to Austin if for nothing other than the BBQ and the Shiner Bock.

The event is sponsored by Zoocasa, Saul Colt, Rogers Ventures, OCE, Microsoft BizSpark and StartupNorth are working together on this one.

I haven’t had the chance to read the book yet. Adding it to my queue along with Trust Agents, Six Pixels of Separation and a few other books.

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4 thoughts on “DemoCamp Toronto # 24 featuring Gary Vaynerchuk”

  1. The past 3 events have been:

    * Jon Udell
    * Yossi Vardi
    * Gary Vaynerchuk

    Only @garyvee is social media. How is this “becoming more focused on social media than hard-core geekery”?

    Why is it that social media can’t be hard-core geekery?

    Isn’t UofT prof Nick Koudas the CEO of Sysomos primarily a social media company? Is this not fairly geeky?

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  2. This is very true, however, if your definition of hard-core geekery is hardware hacking, you might think about joining the HackLabTO or Dorkbot – both excellent sources of electrical and hardware debauchery.

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