TorCamp – The Toronto Unconference

Chris Messina one of the original BarCampPlanners asked if we would move TorCamp to the BarCamp wiki. We are alive and well, just trying to get plans for the essentials nailed down. Sign up as a TorCampAttendees or drop me a note if you have questions.

Web 2.1: A Brain Jam is the latest in a series of unconferences (self described as inspired by BarCamp , Gnomedex , TechCrunchBBQ and WebZine2005 ). And it’s happening on Friday, wow, that’s fast. I love it.

I have spent the morning working on CanUX 2.0 and thinking about preparing for TorCamp (BarCampToronto). I started playing with JotSpot and SeedWiki and looked at running inside the BarCamp and MooseCamp wikis. Since we’re using MediaWiki for the CanUX wiki I thought I’d set up a TorCamp wiki . I guess I am just too much of a control freak for WriteBoard and too cheap for SeedWiki or JotSpot when I can have MediaWiki up and running on my existing TextDrive account (I also set up TWiki and was a little over whelmed, and I am haven’t fully configured my TxD account to use lighttpd and Rails so I passed on i2 the Instiki rewrite).

The response to my first post was fantabulous. We just need to figure out when. Any preferences, November 2005 or February 2006?