Creating Extraordinary Products

I can’t wait to read this book.

 asv_Title asv_Title by Craig M. Vogel, Jonathan Cagan and Peter Boatwright.

Innovation is about people. Companies focus on customer needs, wants, and desires as they design new products; after all, products are purchased by and for those who will use them. Those who design the products also are people—ordinary people who apply their skills to develop new ideas and products. Yet certain individuals have evolved to a level of innovator who envisions, leads, and manages the complete context of a product or service. These people are the new breed of innovator, and they are the model for all of us to follow. Except from Chapter One: The New Breed of Innovator found at Knowledge@Wharton

Storytelling is a compelling method for communicating. This book is focused on products that transform consumer lifestyles, but it is the stories about entrepreneurs and innovators that are the most exciting. It reminds me of Warren Bennis’ asv_Title , great stories about leadership and the collaborative advantage.