PDC kicks off tomorrow


Getting ready to head to LA for Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (which begs the question as a non-professional developer what am I doing at PDC?). I’m preparing for a week of some in depth Microsoft experiences and announcements. Next to the coffee or the bourbon, the keynotes are the best part of a conference. I’m expecting big things from Ozzie, Scott Guthrie, Steven Sinofsky, and Don Box.

I love the layout of the Timeline application. It’s a great way to access details about each session and build a personal schedule. A higher resolution monitor (I’m running at 1280 x 800) would have meant a little less scrolling, but generally a good experience. Here are some of the sessions out side of the keynotes I’m looking forward to.

  • The Future of C# presented by Anders Hejlsberg
  • A Lap around "Oslo" presented by Douglas Purdy, Vijaye Raji
  • Windows 7: Design Principles for Windows 7 presented by Samuel Moreau
  • Oomph: A Microformat Toolkit presented by Karsten Januszewski
  • Office Business Applications: Enhanced Deployment presented by Saurabh Bhatia, Andrew Whitechapel
  • Developing for Microsoft Surface presented by Brad Carpenter, Robert Levy

It’s great to see sessions by the Mono team. Having spent a couple of days hanging out with Geoff Norton at FSOSS in Toronto.  I am blown away by the work that is going on by the Novell team and the Silverlight team to build a new cross-browser, cross-platform runtime. They are building some great tools.

This will be my first deeply Microsoft conference. Yes, I’ve attended the internal events, but I’m really interested in observing and participating with the folks that build Windows applications, applications for the web on the Microsoft platform and learning more about their experiences.