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Okay, I now spend more time reading RSS feeds than I do reading mail. I think it is time to suck it up and purchase an RSS reader. Yes, I know that Safari will support RSS in Tiger but I want something a little more robust. I’ve been testing the following:

I love BlogLines because it allows me to switch back and forth between my Mac or my Win2k development box at the office. However not having a thick client or persistant storage of items means that Bloglines will never be my primary RSS tool. Shrook is very close, it syncs nicely between and the reader. I love the 3-column format it reminds me of FeedDemon or NewGator. I would really like to switch between the RSS view and a Web browser inline, I don’t have switch between Shrook and Safari. Shrook is really close.

Brent Simmons listed the features in the upcoming NetNewsWire 2.0. And Erik J. Barzeski provides some insight into PulpFiction, which is beautiful, but I really prefer the 3-column layout of popularized by Outlook 2003 and continued by Entourage 2004.

I am torn between Shrook2 and NetNewsWire. To support smaller application developers I could just fork out the US$65/Cdn$85 (US$24.95 + US$39.95 * 1.3178 Exchange rate) and use both. I seem to use almost 2 of everything else:

The list goes on and on. Anybody have any suggestions or recommendations?

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