Toronto Professional Associations

A close friend from Austin, Texas, asked me about opportunities for user experience design professionals looking to move to Toronto. I started thinking about all of the associations and groups that I belong to (and those I wish I could belong to). And there are a lot of choices about how to divide one’s time and money as a professional.

  1. The Design Exchange
  2. Toronto Usability Professionals Association
  3. Canadian Information Processing Society
  4. TorCHI
  5. IMAT – Interactive Multimedia and Technology
  6. BitePRO
  7. CITO – Communication and Information Technology Ontario
  8. Spadina Bus
  9. Toronto Board of Trade
  10. ITAC – Information Technology Association of Canada
  11. ITAC Ontario
  12. SHRC – Software Human Resources Council
  13. Smart Toronto
  14. IHRIM Toronto
  15. HRPAO – Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario
  16. AIMS Canada – Association of Interactive Marketing and Sales, Inc.
  17. Flash in TO
  18. Dreaming in TO
  19. NetKeepers
  20. Multimediator
  21. XP/Agile Toronto
  22. Toronto Java Users Group
  23. Toronto Oracle Users Group
  24. Toronto Linux User Group
  25. Toronto ColdFusion User Group
  26. Toronto .Net User Group
  27. Toronto Wireless User Group
  28. STC Toronto
  29. Digital Eve Toronto
  30. Special Libraries Association Toronto Chapter
  31. Wired Woman Canada
  32. SIGGRAPH Toronto
  33. Toronto Talks
  34. Ontario Libary Association
  35. CATA Alliance
  36. CIPA – Canadian Information Productivity Awards
  37. WiredWoman-Toronto

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  1. <p>Please post the Wired Woman Society Toronto Chapter on your association list.<br />
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    Thank you!</p>

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