Smart Mobs continued.

I have started reading Wired Magazine again, mostly because the quality of the articles has increased and the number of advertisements has decreased. Wired has a list of books that are similar to Smart Mobs. Related books include:

Digital Biology by Peter J. Bentley, 2001

Beyond Chaos by Mark Ward, 2001

Emergence by Steven Johnson, 2001

The Moment of Complexity by Mark Taylor, 2001

Linked by Albert-László Barabási, 2002

Nexus by Mark Buchanan, 2002

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, 2000

Six Degrees by Duncan J. Watts, 2002

The Wired article summarizes the main contribution of each book. The general theme is that the role of the connections between objects in emerging networks can account for everything. Remember back to dynamic systems, differential equations and probability, no, well these are the basis along with biology for a new generation of patterns and ideas.