Nokia’s Mobile Rules Business Plan Competition

Mobile Rule - Annual Business Plan and Application Competition - Submissions due Nov 16, 2007

Submissions for the Business Plan component of Nokia’s Mobile Rules competition are due on November 16, 2007.

Scope of the Competition

The goal of the competition is to seek out the developers and entrepreneurs who are creating new value, new revenue and services for mobile workforces and the mobile lifestyle.

What can you win?

If your plan or application is one of the 5 grand prize winners chosen, you will get a fast-track contract with Nokia, worldwide distribution, private access to Nokia partners, tons of media coverage, nokia phones and some cash!


Categories are Multiplayer/Connected Games, Multimedia, Enterprise and Infotainment. We are looking for new applications that use the unique enablers of the Nokia Platforms.

Applications will be judged on uniqueness, design, ease of use, and overall end-user experience.

Important note: don’t let categories restrict your ideas; it’s your
application that counts.


The main focus areas of the business plan competition are Communication and sharing; Internet innovation and mobility; and Human and green applications, but there’s no limitation to your plan ­ as long a s about mobile business. Plans are judged on novelty value and innovation, market potential, customer adoption, revenue opportunity and investor value.

Competition Timeline

Business plan submission deadline is November 16, 2007
Application submission deadline January 25, 2008
Finalists announcement February 15, 2008
Award ceremony mid-March 2008

2006 Years Winners

  • Mobile Backstage
    Mobile Backstage is an interactive mobile community for music fans. An on-device portal, Mobile Backstage puts music devotees in touch with other fans, allowing them to post their own multimedia content, download content posted by other userss, create avatars on the site and connect with firends.
  • mBit
    The concept of peer-to-peer (P2P) computing has been around for a long time. But, when computing becomes not only mobile, but portable, what does this mean for peer to peer? Singapore-based firm, N2N Consulting, is a developer of software that enables true P2P file sharing over fixed mobile networks. With the mobile phone evolving into a powerful multimedia computer, it is now possible for users to download, manipulate and share large rich media content from other users’ mobile devices, as well as commercial providers. However, innovative technology, like that produced by N2N, is essential to ensure that the experience is smooth, simple and enjoyable for users.
  • SMS Card
    SMS Card’s solution – Inproperty – allows estate agents to stay closer to their clients and to potential buyers. The agen is allocated a block of unique phone numbers, each of which is assiged to a propoerty for sale. When a potential buyers calls the number, the call is automatically routed to the right agent who sees a pop-up with a link to details o fthe poroperty and if they have rung before the caller.
  • Talkplus
    Juggling home and work, many poeple have become resigned to carrying around at least two mobile phones – one for home and one for office. For those whose lifestyle takes them across national borders and timezones, this can translate into a whole briefcase full of hardward, hardly the handy portability that we have come to associate with mobile devices. By making it possible to add as many as 10 domestic or international lines to their mobile phone, TalkPluse has devised a neat solution to this problem.

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