DemoCampToronto Update

Wow, it’s been a month since I announced DemoCampToronto14. There are 162 people currently registered to attend. That leaves approximately 138 tickets available with less than 30 days. We’re still looking for 2 demos and 2 Ignite presentations. Brent Ashley who is sponsoring DemoCampToronto14 has written an excellent call to action. DemoCamp has served as a semi-regular catalyst for bring together our local community to highlight what people have been working on.

I’m also happy to announce some of the presenters. All sessions are listed in no particular order.


  • Zoomii presented by Chris Thiessen
    An Amazon affiliate bookstore that’s like a real bookstore seen through google maps. It’s still in private beta, but if you’d like an invite to see it ahead of time, just email me (or sign up on the front page.)

  • Cytoscape by Gary Bader
    Cytoscape, open source Java software for visualizing and analyzing networks, including biological networks. Cytoscape is used to visualize and analyze network information, from 10,000 people organizational charts to molecular interaction networks. This freely available tool is valuable for general network information visualization tasks.

  • AideRSS by Kevin Thomason
    AideRSS filtering service, tools and widgets. A way to tame their feed reader, increase their productivity, help readers find their best posts, and build traffic to their blogs and websites. We are a Canadian startup team that just a few months ago were Democamp audience members for the first time, we’ve been able to build a team, develop a product, address a need, raise funding, and leap into the marketplace with a very successful and high profile global launch for a local company.

We’re still looking for 2 additional demonstrations. If you submitted a demo, it doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten you, we’re just still evaluating. Submit a demo.

Ignite Presentations

We’re also giving Brady Forest’s Ignite format a try. We have lined up 4 outstanding presentations:

There is room for 2 additional Ignite presentations. Doing something interesting in Toronto, consider submitting a Ignite presentation for DemoCampToronto14.