Indoor Playground Details + Open House

Indoor Playground: Great Room

Mark announces the Indoor Playground pricing and an open house. Mark and I have been discussing my joining the board for the Indoor Playground.

Informal gathering and walk through of the Indoor Playground

Smaller room at Indoor Playground

Monthly Membership Packages

$1500 – *Unlimited Corporate up to six members
$300 – *Unlimited Individual
$100 – 1 day per week + *Unlimited evenings and weekends
$50 – *Unlimited evenings after 5:30pm and weekends (Friday 5:30pm-Monday 7:00am)
*Unlimited – except for up to 4 days per month (to make space for group rental and events)
All prices are subject to GST

Day Rates

$25/Day – Single day access to facilities – no guests
$100/Day – Single day access + 2 hour conference room + 4 guests for conference room time
$350/day – Small room + 12 guests
$1000/day – Large room + 50 guests
$1250/day – Entire facility + 65 guests
All prices are subject to GST

I added a few pictures to both Flickr and to the Ning group. So if you are looking for coworking space in Toronto and would like to participate in the discussion about how to finish the Indoor Playground join us.

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