The Indoor Playground

Indoor Playground

Mark Dowds and Bobby John are the principals behind CreationStep and are leading the effort to financially back and build the Indoor Playground. They describe CreationStep as Infrastructure for Startups. On part of that infrastructure is obviously space.

Indoor Playground is a next generation workspace based in the downtown core of Toronto. It is a home away from home for the entrepreneur who needs an office space on occasion. It helps to solve the problem of having a place to work when you are on the road or when you just want out of the house.

The Indoor Playground is located at 364 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON which is conveniently located near TTC routes including 510 Spadina streetcar, 501 Queen Street streetcar, 504 King Street line and is located near The Roastery Cafe and Le Gourmand at Spadina and Richmond. It’s also just above Novator and Mark Fox CMU alum, Ambient Vector board of advisors member. It’s in a great spot in the city.

Indoor Playground is located within a top floor brick and beam loft at 364 Richmond St W (Richmond and Peter). This accessible location has a beautiful view of the Toronto cityscape and is creatively designed to have an industrial look and feel. It is within walking distance from the subway and to some of Toronto's best shopping and eating spots.

The office space is approximately 2,600 square feet. Divided into the following sections:

  • 600 Sq Ft breakfast bar area for open and shared working for 18 people
  • 1400 Sq Ft main floor divided into 14 private working areas
  • 600 Sq Ft mezzanine gallery with 4 shared meeting spaces

Pricing, access, anchor tenants, sponsorship and everything is still being determined. Over the few weeks, there will be a formalized membership model including the anchor tenant spots. Please contact me or Mark if you have any questions.

For more photos, check out my set on Flickr which are just a subset of the Photos on Ning.

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