Why nakama.ca?

It’s come up a couple of times why we chose a dot-ca domain to launch Nakama. There were a couple of reasons.

  1. We’re based in Canada
  2. The dot-com is registered
  3. We were waiting on the dot-mobi

Photo by wintermule23 - http://flickr.com/photos/wintermute23/

None of these were the reason we chose dot-ca. As Oliver points out that typing dot-mobi is 2 keystrokes longer than other domains. Saving keystrokes is really important for users when they are using multi-tap or T9 input. The HCI community has done some research comparing GOMS models and Fitts’ Law predictions of T9 versus Multi-tap. Using the Novice Model it is roughly 2.04s/character for Multitap phones and 1.58s/character for T9 entry.

By choosing the dot-ca over a dot-mobi there is a savings of between 3.16-4.08 seconds for every user.

In fairness, this is using generalized numbers for the prediction. Because “a” and “c” are on the same key in the multi-tap instance we probably could have reduced our input times by selecting a .dm or .ad or .mw or similar domain.