Announcing Nakama

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. CanUX rocked the house a couple of weeks ago. It was an absolutely fantastic time. Thanks to everyone who attended, participated and contributed. Jess, Bryce and I had a fabulous time. Joey Benedek from Microsoft gave one of my favourite talks of the past couple years. It was entertaining (ROTFLMAO), insightful and a lot of fun. Betsy Weber from TechSmith gave a demo of Morae and was kind enough to donate a license to one lucky attendee.

Comics at CanUX Design Slam - Team Racecar Proof of Life - John Morkes On the Road to CanUX

We’ve been busy at Ambient Vector getting ready for our public beta (you can read about my difficulties with sunrise periods from yesterday). We’ve been hard at work building a product for 3 separate platforms (WML, xhtml for mobiles and xhtml for web). We’ve learned a lot about building mobile applications in particular there is a lot of overlap on the technology but creating an optimal user experience on each platform requires building a unique view. You can make your web apps run in a mobile browser, but a true mobile application requires some significant changes and refinement.We’re busy fixing bugs, building new features, refining existing features. We’re also recruiting and specifically we’re looking for an engineering lead, basically a hands-on CTO, someone to:

  • Design and implement a large-scale, scalable Internet and mobile consumer application.
  • Help drive the technology vision and architecture forward, recognizing the pace of change in the internet and mobile landscape.


What is Nakama?

Nakama lets you share pictures and videos from your phone with your friends on the web, and on their phones too, and there’s nothing to download or install.

What can Nakama do?

Want to post your pictures straight to your MySpace, Flickr, Blogger, MSN or other gallery or blog? Send a picture or video from your phone to and we’ll post it for you. Ever taken a great picture or funny video? Send it to your friends! Nakama lets you send it to ALL their phones in one step. It’s that easy: no more fighting with your phone or spending a lot to send it to each friend.

Where do I sign up?

Point your browser, be it web or mobile, at and sign up. One of our biggest challenges has been building a product in a mobile marketplace where data services pricing may restrict our usage. Rogers charges by the kilobyte downloaded, Telus charges by page view, Bell charges something. The service works in the US on Cingular, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. It works in Europe and around the globe. My expectation is that most people will look at it in their web browser and go so what, ‘I already use Flickr and this isn’t Flickr’. We’re not trying to be Flickr. We understand that for North America we need a web presence, but we’re really a mobile company. The web application is our bastard child, you should sign up and send a link to your phone.

Pete Forde discussing Pursudo

We weren’t the only ones to launch yesterday, James announced DictaBrain last night at DemoCampToronto9. Pete and Ryan (and Anthony and Hampton and Jeff ) announced Pursudo which I think is to “help Pete get laid”. Lots of great products. Lots of people in Toronto doing cool things. (Hampton gave a great talk about HAML at RailsConfEurope and received mention by DHH, I am so frustrated by our xhtml template code we’ll be switching to HAML in a future build).

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