“This one time, at BarCamp” T-Shirt Updates

First, let me apologize for not printing the shirts earlier. Second, let me apologize for not providing more details about the state of printing to those who purchased the shirts before DemoCampToronto7. Third, here is the deal with the "This one time, at BarCamp" t-shirts.

This one time, at BarCamp...

I will be placing the order for the t-shirts on September 8, 2006. This means that we have roughly 1 week to take additional t-shirt orders. I will be confirming the quantity and sizes with each person from the first order before September 8. We are accepting additional orders for the "This one time, at BarCamp…" t-shirts. There is no shipping on these shirts, the only way to get them is to pick them up at DemoCampToronto9 which will be scheduled in the next couple of days (along with DemoCampToronto10 and DemoCampToronto11”:http://barcamp.org/DemoCampToronto11 when I receive final confirmation of the dates from the MaRS staff). If you have any questions about purchasing the t-shirts please contact me, and I will do my best to answer them.

Full Disclosure: I created a store at Shopify who is a BarCamp participant. Scott and Tobi were at both BarCampOttawa and BarCampTdot. There was no committee to decide on what product to use to coordinate the purchase of these shirts. I made the decision like the tyrannical overload that I am.