Ruby on Rails Workshop in Toronto – June 27, 2006

Did you miss Canada on Rails? Are you going to miss RailsConf 2006? Well this is your opportunity to catch a world class Rails Workshop in Toronot. Jeff Hardy and Cloves Carneiro who recently formed Visionist are hosting a Ruby on Rails Workshop with David A. Black at the Holiday Inn on King.

David A. Black has been programming in Ruby for more than five years, and started developing Ruby on Rails applications in 2004. He is the author of Ruby for Rails, published in May 2006 by Manning Publications. David is also one of the founding directors of Ruby Central, Inc., a non-profit Ruby support and advocacy organization and parent organization of both the annual International Ruby and International Rails Conferences.

It looks like this is a pretty comprehensive tutorial with topics for novices and Rails experts. Here is the topic outline:

  • Basic Rails
    • Rails components
    • Directory Structure
    • Naming Conventions
  • Basic Ruby
    • Objects and Methods
    • Classes
    • Iterators and collections
  • Rails Architecture
    • Models, Views, Controllers
    • Active Record – Tables and Classes, Relationships, Transactions
    • Action Pack – Templates, Helpers, Layouts and Components
  • Advanced Rails
    • Migrations
    • Testing
    • Sending emails
    • Ajax and Visual Effects
    • RJS Javascript templates
    • Plugins
  • Deployment and Maintenance
    • Tools: rake and capistrano
    • How to get help