Reminder – DemoCamp4, March 28 @ 6:30pm

A reminder that tomorrow night is the fourth installment of DemoCamp.

What is DemoCamp?

To quote Joey:

The purpose of DemoCamp is to bring together the many bright lights in Toronto’s high-tech community to show each other what we’re working on. If you’re working on a software or hardware tool, application or gadget and you want to demonstrate it in front of a group of your peers, you can demo it at DemoCamp!


Date: Tuesday, March 28

Time: 6:30-8:00pm (drinks to follow at Pogue Mahones)

Location: MaRS, South Tower, 101 College Street, Toronto, ON

Post Location: Pogue Mahones, 777 Bay Street just south of College. Reservations are under David Crow

Expected Attendance: All are welcome! Please add yourself to the Attendees list below so we have some idea of the size of the crowd.

Format: 4-6 x 10 minute demos

Demo Schedule:

  1. Semacode – visual tagging for object – moving us closer to Bruce Sterlings’ concept of spimes
  2. Disposable Digital Cameras
  3. Visual Search – Lelia, Paul and gangs newest revolution
  4. – What is QuestionVille? Bart Dabek will answer this question.
  5. Outmailer – Is Outmailer Cloves Carneiro’s new Rails project?
  6. tagEngine

I’m excited. There’s 116 118 people signed up on the wiki. There is a community in Toronto that is building software, hacking hardware, doing interesting things. Come out, bring what you’ve done and show it to the community.